Without a Hitch Book Review Bettina Hunt
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Without a Hitch – Book Review

Bettina Hunt’s Without a Hitch is a delightful read that highlights how ridiculously complicated wedding planning actually is.

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Without a Hitch Book Review

The Plot

Without a Hitch follows the funny and not-so-funny incidents in the lives of three couples, right from how they do their proposals, wedding planning, finally leading to their wedding dates.

The couples: Sienna and Charlie, Agnes and Simon, and Bryony and Thomas, are from different strata of the society based out of London. Yet, all these couples face so many dilemmas and problems in their wedding planning, each in their own capacity.

Sienna wants a lot of glamour in her wedding even beyond her means. Bryony is a practical, level-headed single mom with less expectations. Agnes is a passionate person with a strong career sense and is also rich. You will see each of them making decisions, facing setbacks, figuring out things and connecting with each other over their plans.

The wedding dresses selection, venue choosing, reception party planning, hen d0s, stag parties, and what not! With everything they plan, they pull you in right along with them on their journey towards their wedding day.

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Agnes plans a ceremony out of the country, but moves to New York for her career and faces obvious difficulty with planning her wedding. She also has work-related troubles.

Bryony has a great friend who helps her out with everything. I was wishing I had such a friend in my life too 😉 But she has some family issues with her father missing in picture and mother behaving indifferent to her happiness.

Sienna has the usual troubles with her mother-in-law-t0-be. Anyone ever not clash with their mother-in-law? Every woman becomes a bride at one point and a mother-in-law at a later point, and still this happens. It seems to be a law of nature 😀 Sienna also thinks that her boyfriend does not care about her plans.

This book will get you hooked as you would be eager to see if each couple would be able to make it successfully to the D-day or fail mid-way.

There is even drama right on the wedding day. I can’t say anything else without spoiling the book for you. But trust me, you will keep racing to read the entire story and see if these brides-to-be turn out to be just drama queens or turn out to be better than they were when they first started out.

The Verdict

Yes, you can definitely go for it. I loved reading this cool book and I could not put it down. Especially relatable as I recently saw the struggles my friend faced in her wedding planning 🙂

Check out Without A Hitch and enjoy a pleasant evening of humorous wedding planning adventures of three brides-t0-be.

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Without a Hitch Book Review: Bettina Hunt's Without a Hitch is a delightful read that follows three couples who are planning their weddings. #bookreview #withoutahitch
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  1. I liked the theme of the book. Wedding planning is indeed a hectic activity which can drain you out. Will pick it up soon.

  2. It’s been so long since the last time I read chic literature as lately I was more into some books with ‘heavier’ topics. But thanks for the recommendation, it’s never too late to get some time so I can read some lighter stuff like this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. This book is something that can be a made into a movie. A romantic comedy, perhaps? Who would you think should play the lead?

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