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What to Know About Booking a Singer for a Private Party

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You are planning a private party. Wondering what type of singer to book? It all depends on the type of event you’re planning, the number of people that will attend, the age range and musical preferences of your guests, and the atmosphere you want to create.

Below are tips for what to know about booking a singer for a private party.

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Female Singers

Female singers are in high demand for weddings, birthday parties, charity, bar mitzvahs, dinners, company promotions, and other events. A female vocalist is unquestionably unique, with emotion and intensity conveyed in tone and delivery.

Whether you favor vintage pop, soul, motown, love songs, piano ballads, dancing tunes, rock, jazz, or a little bit of everything, a female vocalist will leave your guests breathless with some of the finest songs ever penned at her fingertips. 

Guitar Singers

Looking for a dynamic performer like Sheryl Crow or Ed Sheeran who can sing and play? Do you require live music to attract attendees to a trade fair or a store opening? Guitar Singers are ideal for smaller occasions such as wedding receptions and mood music in hotels and restaurants.

They may add a nice mood to any dining room or lounge area by performing quiet tunes that dissolve into the background. They can also get people chatting, singing along, and having a good time by performing infectious interpretations of pop, jazz, and folk hits. 

Guitarists that also sing are great for events that demand live music but don’t require a full band, as well as locations with limited stage space. They can perform without amplification when necessary or employ a PA system for increased loudness at larger events.

Guitar Singers may perform a wide range of popular favorites, including rock songs, jazz standards, motown, soul, pop, reggae, slow ballads, and exuberant crowd-pleasers, to ensure that everyone at your event has a fantastic time singing along.

Male Singers

Do you consider yourself to be a rocker at heart? Hire a Male Singer like Josh Bolt who specializes in music. They can stir even the most slumbering crowds with energetic renditions of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and The Beatles tunes.

Are you planning a 16th birthday celebration? To the joy of every youngster there, a modern Male Singer can belt out chart-topping singles by James Bay, Bruno Mars, and George Ezra. We all like hearing our favorite songs performed by a professional vocalist.

Whether you’re throwing a workplace party or a family outing, the frontman’s role is to get the audience clapping and singing along, creating the exact atmosphere you want. We cover all eras and genres, from present pop and soul to jazz, swing, and musical theater. 

There’s no denying that having a live vocalist perform at your wedding is far more thrilling than simply hiring a DJ – but you can always do both to ensure that the dance floor remains full in between sets.

Your guests will be wowed by a real vocalist who will serenade them with disco oldies, Motown smashes, soul favorites, and rock and indie winners. Forget about stuffy and unpleasant office parties and corporate functions. Hire a Male Singer to expertly break the ice and loosen up your coworkers and clients.

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