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What An Apt Advertisement!

Life is like that

Many of us must have seen funny ads in recent times, and when I saw this bus a few days back, I could not stop laughing for quite sometime. What an apt advertisement for the dilapidated BMTC bus!

Olx Advertisement on damaged BMTC bus
A public transport bus


A picture is worth more than a 1000 words, as they say. An actor, who is also a brand ambassador for OLX seems to be showing an example of old things that need to be changed 😀

And then I have spotted a bus which has a grill completely covering its emergency glass. Even if you break the glass in case of emergencies, you cannot come out of it unless you squeeze through the broken glass at the sides. To add to the tragic thing, it seems to be a school bus at that!bus with covered emergency exit


BMTC conditions

Jokes apart, this truly shows the condition of some buses run by BMTC even though the ticket fares are getting increasingly higher every few months.

I hope the authorities will look into the condition of the buses plying in the city of Bangalore and take action to avoid mishaps.

While they are at it, may be they can look into the plight of the common man who is struggling everyday to pay for the exorbitant fares in the buses and has no other way of transport other than them. Sometimes, even half of his earnings is spent on bus fare alone.

What with the even higher fares of autos and the newly constructed metro trains, it is a battle to make ends meet everyday for many people who depend on public transport.

Bangalore Roads

With the ever-congested roads of Bangalore, if everyone who is able to afford their own vehicles, starts using their two-wheeler or four-wheeler for transportation, as it is happening slowly, the traffic will become literally unbearable.

Hope a viable solution is found soon to this intolerable problem! Can we do something about it?

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  1. The common man’s struggle in every day life is well brought out. I appreciate the writer’s keen observation and earnest desire for an early solution.

  2. Interesting post. You are right a picture is worth more than a thousand words. I really appreciate your keen observations. Hope change comes soon.

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