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Visa policy of India: Find out which nations do not need a visa to enter India

List of countries who can visit India without visa

List of countries who can visit India without visa. Picture Credit: Pixabay

India Visa policy

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India has mutual travel agreements permitting visa-free travel or a free visa on arrival with certain countries based on reciprocity.

Check out this list to know if your country can enter India without a pre-approved visa.

List of countries whose citizens can visit India without a Visa

List of countries who get a Free Visa to visit India

Check out India Visa Online government website for more information.

For any country you can check their official embassy website for visa application details or contact a reputed visa agency like iVisa to get the necessary visa documentation.

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Special permits

1. A person holding a ‘Person of Indian Origin Card’ does not need a visa to enter India from any country if he/she is NOT a citizen of the below countries:

2. Visitors from Nepal and Bhutan do not even need their passports if they hold a valid national ID card and are traveling directly from their country.

Check out the Visa Policy of India on Wikipedia for more details.

E-Visa holders can enter through only these entry points in India

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Must visit spots in India

Many foreign travelers think that India has only Taj Mahal and Goa to visit. But this country is blessed with so many more natural and man-made wonders that you would need more than a couple of months to really explore and enjoy.

Mighty Himalayas in the north, huge desert in the west, rain forests in the east, stunning beaches and mountains in the south. We have it all!

Just be prepared for more crowds and confusion on the roads as expected in any country with a massive population. Also, be aware of your surroundings.

Stay safe from unsocial elements including pickpocket gangs that are unfortunately prevalent in many tourist spots around the world.

North India

South India


Enjoy our beautiful country. Happy journey 🙂

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