Twisted Prey Book Review
Twisted Prey Book Review

Twisted Prey – Book Review(John Sandford)

Twisted Prey is the 28th book in the Prey series. John Sandford continues to deliver fantastic thrillers in the series.

This book is like the continuation of Silken Prey, the 23rd novel in the series. But it can be read independently like every other Prey series book.

Twisted Prey Book Review

As the title suggests, this book is full of twisted people, politicians and bureaucrats and the stuff they do behind everyone’s back.

Even if you are not interested in reading about politics, Twisted Prey would be a good summer read because it is a mixed bundle. I was bored at some parts, but totally loved the ending and kind of expected it in a twisted way 😉

The Plot

Lucas Davenport is a Federal Marshal now and goes after unusual cases. Taryn Grant is a billionaire heiress, now in the Senate after successfully defeating Porter Smalls using dirty tricks in the previous term.

Grant is a powerful villain. She does not care about who gets hurt when she moves forward in the political world. Her machinations seem outrageous but not unbelievable. She hires professional killers to finish off Smalls. This is where Lucas Davenport enters.

The assassination attempt on Smalls fails and he realizes that Grant must be behind the attempt because the attempt was designed to look like it was an accident. No one believes Smalls when he says that it was no accident. Then he calls Davenport to look into this and our hero always gets to the bottom of things pretty efficiently.

As usual, Kidd makes an appearance along with Virgil Flowers in this Prey story too. The routine friction between the FBI and the Marshal service is also a small part of the story.

Lucas loses a key suspect whom he could have used to get to Taryn; Lucas is fiercely targeted to be eliminated from the case, but he never loosens his grip on the noose.

In the end, you will be able to guess what would happen to Taryn Grant. She seems to bury all the evidence against her this time round same as her previous brutal murders that went unpunished in Silken Prey.

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The Verdict

You might get a little bored with all the political drama, but you would not skip even a page because there is always something going on through out the story.

Twisted Prey makes a great summer read, but do not except it to be as hooking as the previous book, Golden Prey.

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I strongly recommend that you read Silken Prey before reading Twisted Prey for a strong connection to this plot.

Check out how Lucas Daveport became a Federal Marshal in the last book, Golden Prey.

I am so ready for the next book already. It is the author’s tradition to release a new Prey thriller around April/May every year.

I still love the first book in the series the most. Rules of Prey, check it out and I guarantee that you will get hooked too!

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