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How to transfer a website to Siteground hosting and Why you should do it!

Move your website to SiteGround hosting

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Siteground Hosting

I just transferred my website from GoDaddy to SiteGround and it was a piece of cake.

With my previous host, GoDaddy, my website was down for more than a few hours every single day for the past 3 months only in my home country which was strange.

Their customer support tried to resolve the issue without success. I even scanned my website using Sucuri for malware and it came out clean.

Many times when I edit a post or a new comment is posted, I see a ‘503 service unavailable’ error. I kept contacting the customer care representatives, but they could not do anything. The hours I needed to contact them, explain the problem all over again and still get no resolution were horribly frustrating. So much wasted time!

I literally wasted more than 3 months on it losing traffic and in turn business. I still have one year of hosting space with the previous hosting provider, but as it is a mere waste of time, I decided to switch hosts.


My blogger friends were all praises for SiteGround in terms of customer support, site speed, zero downtime, and ease of transfer. So, I decided to go for it. Of course, now I can vouch for it.

The SiteGround customer care is amazing and they take care of everything.

After you purchase a hosting plan with SiteGround, all they need is your cPanel URL, username and password for your previous hosting space to do the transfer. One website transfer is FREE.

Siteground hosting plans

Here is the breakdown.

Move your website to SiteGround with the below steps

  1. Purchase hosting space from SiteGround choosing one of their three plans.
  2. You will automatically create an account with them when you fill the form to purchase the hosting space. (An optional step is to open a chat with customer care in case you need any assistance. They guide you expertly.)
  3. Next step is to login to your SiteGround account. The welcome wizard gives you 3 options.
  4. Choose the option ‘Transfer your website’.
  5. Then you will see a form that asks for just 3 details to migrate your website.
  6. Fill your cPanel URL, cPanel username and password for the previous hosting account, submit the form and relax.
  7. Once the migration is complete, you will get an email from SiteGround with further instructions.
  8. You would need too update your nameservers in your previous hosting account to point to the new nameservers that SiteGround gives you.
  9. Within 24 hours, usually in much lesser time, your website would be moved to your new SiteGround hosting space!
  10. Additionally, you can request the customer care to move you to https if you are still using http. Siteground does this free of charge, great, isn’t it?!


How to find your cPanel URL?

Just type yourdomainname/cPanel in the browser URL bar and you will see your cPanel URL there.

How to change the Nameservers in the previous hosting account?

Login to your old hosting account, in my case GoDaddy, and go to your domain management page. If you scroll down or look around a bit, you will see the Nameservers section.

Change Nameservers

Click ‘Change’ button and replace the Nameservers with the new Nameservers that SiteGround gave you and save.

Customer Care

At any stage, if you have any questions at all, just speak to the customer care. They are very fast and helpful.

Advantages of moving to SiteGround

Site Speed

My website load time was 2.43 seconds when it was loaded from the previous hosting provider. With SiteGround it is 0.36 seconds flat!

Check your website speed using Google PageSpeed Tool.

SiteGround developed a special software that immensely helps to speed up the website.

Customer Care

Their customer care is of high standard. For every query you have they create a ticket that you can keep open as long as you like. They answer every question you have to your utmost satisfaction.

No Downtime

There is literally zero downtime even when the site is in migration.

I am very impressed with SiteGround for these reasons. My website loads so fast, there is no downtime and I am extremely happy. Wonder why I did not know about this amazing hosting provider when I first purchased my website.

Hack Protection

SiteGround has amazing hack protection which was a deciding factor for me as I run a WordPress website. This hosting provider is the best for WordPress-based websites.


When you ask the customer care, they move you to HTTPS for FREE!!

One Month Trial

You have a solid one month trial on all three plans. What are you waiting for?

Go for it, buy hosting space with SiteGround and you will love it.

Do let me know if you have any questions about the site migration.


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