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Top things to do at Singapore’s Changi International Airport

Changi International Airport in Singapore is undoubtedly an amazing destination in itself. There is so much to do here that you can easily spend days at this beautiful gem of an airport. Whether you are transiting through Changi airport to reach your final destination or visiting Singapore itself, do not forget to check out the many incredible things to do at this airport.

These are the top things to do at Changi airport recommended by top travel bloggers.

1. Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden at Changi airport
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Recommended by Nikki of She Saves She Travels

One of the top things to do in Changi Airport is to visit the Butterfly Garden. Located at Terminal 3 on levels 2 and 3, this beautiful garden is the first butterfly garden to ever be built in an airport. 

Walking through the multi-level garden, you could see up to 40 species of butterflies, and as many as 1000 of them! The 6 meter waterfall within the garden is especially calming after a long day of travel.

This is a delicate environment so be careful where you step. Of course, don’t touch the butterflies. Use caution when exiting the garden to make sure there are no butterflies that have landed on you and stuck to your clothing.

This relaxing reprieve in the Changi Airport is a welcome break during a layover in Singapore.

2. Changi Airport Waterfall

changi airport waterfall
Photo by Alan & Ros Cuthbertson

Recommended by Rosalind Cuthbertson of Step Into Vietnam

The HSBC Rain Vortex or Changi Airport Waterfall as it is also known, is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and an incredible sight to see when visiting Changi Airport.

Walking up to the waterfall you will be engulfed in greenery and light as the sun’s rays filter down from the roof and illuminates the rainforest that surrounds you.

The waterfall tumbles from an opening in the ceiling which looks like a spider’s web of glass. With a gentle roar the water cascades down seven storeys to the basement of Jewel, a retail and entertainment complex at Changi Airport.

In the evenings, you can catch the stunning light and sound show which transforms the waterfall and gardens into a scene of pure magic.

3. Lounge

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Recommended by Ali from Travel Made Simple

Changi Airport in Singapore has great lounges where you can relax ahead of your flight or during a layover. There’s an excellent selection of food in the lounges, or you can use the time to get a manicure, pedicure, or massage, or take a shower.

Some lounges have gym facilities, while others have workstations and printing facilities. The lounges also have private suites where you can take a nap. If your layover is long enough to visit a lounge for a nap, shower, or a meal, the time will go by much quicker and you’ll feel refreshed before or after a long flight.

4. Amazing food

changi airport food
Photo by Delilah

Recommended by Delilah of Our Travel Mix

Changi Airport is packed with amazing restaurants and eateries, but no Singaporean would consider these authentic. Exploring the food scene is one of the best things to do in Singapore and there’s no better way to do it than visiting a hawker center.

Hawker centers are food courts made up of vendors selling typical Singaporean cuisine. Typically, you need to explore the city where you’ll find hundreds of these hawker centers dotted all around the island, usually under apartment buildings or next to MRT stations.

The good news is you can even find a half-decent one at Changi airport! Singapore Food Street is located in Terminal 3 and offers fantastic Singaporean food at only mildly inflated airport prices. Authentic Singaporean food is a melting pot of neighbouring countries, with local favourites including roti prata, mie goreng, nasi lemak, laksa and char kuey teow.

5. Art Installations and Statues

Photo by Priyadarshini Rajendran

Recommended by Vidyur of Triplyzer

While traveling through Changi Airport you will come across a number of interesting art installations and statues, each one presenting a unique photo opportunity. Some of the most popular ones include Kinetic Rain, Project Gemstones, The Wanderer, Changi Through the Year, and The Traveler.

Kinetic Rain, located at Terminal 1, is probably the most well-known. Suspended from the high ceiling is a dynamic display of bronze droplets producing a rain day experience. These move in an orchestrated symphony forming interesting patterns mostly themed around travel. The installation symbolizes the dynamic nature of the airport and its staff which harmonizes to make it all happen.

While the Wanderer (holding a backpack) and The Traveler are two bronze statues in Terminal 3 that appeal highly to every travel addict.

6. Singapore Food Street

singapore changi food
Photo by Brandon

Recommended by Brandon of Zimmin Around the World

If you have a layover at Singapore’s Changi Airport but don’t quite have enough time to leave the airport and discover the local food scene, why not head over to Singapore Food Street and sample local Singaporean cuisine.

Singapore Food Street is located on the second floor of Terminal 3. Singapore Food Street is unique because it was made to look like an old 1960’s food street in Singapore. Singapore Food Street has makeshift carts made to look like traditional street food vendors.

If you want to sample local Singaporean cuisine then this is the place to be. You can order everything from salted pork and steam buns to Bak Kut Teh and Fried Rice.

7. Shop at Changi Jewel

changi shopping
Photo by David & Intan

Recommended By David & Intan From The World Travel Guy

Singapore is known for its world class shopping, and so is the Changi airport! Many people come here just to look and buy. There are lots of shopping outlets scattered across every terminal of the Singapore airport, but the best shopping is arguably in the Changi Jewel mall, which has almost 300 food and shopping outlets of its own.

You can find everything here, including luxury goods, clothing, electronics, wine, chocolate and candy, toys, books and souvenirs. Best of all, the Changi Jewel is well connected and fairly easy to reach from any terminal in the airport!

Top things to do at Singapore's Changi airport
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Top things to do in Changi International Airport at Singapore
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