Sunflower garden, Karnataka. Top places to visit in South India
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16 Top places to visit in South India – Outstanding tourist spots

A photo array to showcase the best places to visit in South India

India is a beautiful land of diversity, mystery and vibrant colors. South India is especially blessed with bountiful natural beauty abundantly like the North-East.

India is my homeland and I am definitely partial when describing its beauty 🙂 It is a diverse land complete with hot deserts in the west, evergreen forests in the east, pleasant ghat mountain ranges and stunning beaches in the south and the mighty Himalayas in the north!

While domestic travelers revel in the country’s beautiful tourist locations, many international travelers are amazed with the mystic elements of India and its vibrant colors.

Colorful spice market in India
Colorful spice market/Credit: Pixabay

Did you know that Mawsynram of Meghalaya state in the eastern part of India is the wettest place in the world?

The southern part of the Indian peninsula is dotted with gorgeous beaches. Goa is a world-famous beach state. The south of India is also blessed with stunning mountain ranges known as the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats. These mountains are home to some of the best tourist locations in South India such as Kodaikanal, Kudremukh, Ooty, Munnar and many more.

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There are many gorgeous tourist gems in the South that travelers cannot afford to miss. Here are the top 16 tourist destinations in South India that are absolute treasures.

16. Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Araku valley near Vishakapattanam, a top place to visit in India
Araku, Vizag/Credit: Pixabay

Filled with gorgeous flowers, this valley beckons a weary travelers to come and rest. When you visit this spot near Vishakapatnam, you can check out another natural wonder, Borra Caves too!

15. Shakleshpur, Karnataka

Hoyasaleeshwara temple in Sakleshpur
Hoyasaleeshwara temple/Credit: Pixabay

The temple of Hoyasaleeshwara’s architecture is amazing and a must visit spot in Sakleshpur. This town is also famous for its star-shaped fort, hiking and beautiful flowers. Check out my post Sakleshpur, for more details.

14. Puducherry(Pondicherry)

Auroville near Puducherry/top place in India to visit
Auroville – City of Dawn/Credit: Pixabay

Love gorgeous beaches? Come to Pondy for the impressive coastline and more. And may be you can make time for Mahabaleshwaram too. That is another great spot close by.

13. Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu

Pamban bridge in Rameshwaram
Pamban bridge, the in-sea railway line/Credit: Pixabay

Want to travel by train in the sea??? Here is your chance to do that. Rameshwaram also flaunts gorgeous beaches you all!

12. Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore palace, an architectural wonder
View of the Mysore palace/Credit: Pixabay

Mysore caters to all kinds of travelers. Then as a bonus it opens your way to many more absolutely incredible tourist spots around it.

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11. Matheran, Maharastra

Matheran, a eco-friendly tourist gem, must visit place in India
Stormy day PC: Flickr/Elroy Serrao

Matheran is a year-round destination that flows with stunning natural beauty. It is a eco-friendly spot where plastics are banned and you need to travel only by foot or a horse. No motor vehicles are allowed and this is how Matheran manages to stay pristine !

10. Jog Falls, Shimoga, Karnataka

Jog falls - must visit spot India
Jog Falls PC: Flickr/Shuba

You should visit this awesome spot just after monsoon. That done, you will want to stay at this spot forever! Check out my post Jog Falls, for more details.

9. Ooty, Tamilnadu

Colonial house in ooty botanical garden
Colonial house. PC: Flickr/Anoop

Ooty is the Queen of hill stations. Visit once and be a fan forever. Check out my post on Ooty ,for more details.

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8. Yercaud, Tamilnadu

Yercaud - top place to visit in India
Glorious sunrise at Yercaud. PC: Flickr/Thangaraj

It recently snowed in Yercaud which is a rarity, but you get the picture. This hill-station is a cool destination year-round and a favorite for summer crowds.

7. Bekal, Kerala

Bekal beach
Bekal beach, an unexplored gem/Credit: Priyadarshini Rajendran

Bekal is a totally unspoilt wonderful tourist destination that you must visit right now. Check out my post on Bekal, for more details.

6. Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Chikmagalur - top place to visit in India
Tea plantation/Credit: Pixabay

Chikmagalur is another summer favorite for tourists, but is awesome year-round! Coffee, tea, pepper anyone? This is your spot.

5. Allepey/Alappuzha, Kerala

Alleppey glorious sunrise - top place to visit in India
Glorious Sunrise seen at Alleppey/Credit: Pixabay

Spectacular waterfalls, backwaters, greenery call out your name… Visit. Alleppey. Now! Another nearby cute spot is Munnar.

4. Wayanad, Kerala

Bangalore weekend getaway Wayanad - top place to visit in India
Wayanad – land of paddy fields/Credit: Pixabay

When nature wants to sing a lullaby to you, can you resist? The most superb tourist spot in Kerala is this one. Check out my post Wayanad for more details. Plan to spend at least three days here and you can thank me later 😀

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3. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg aka Madikeri, top place to visit in India
Elephant with baby/Credit: Pixabay

Coffee-lovers are at home here. And nature-lovers are at peace 🙂 Nature at its best. Check out my post on Coorg for more details.

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2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman beaches

Photo Credit: Pixabay

I am a beach fanatic, so don’t blame me if I say this is the most beautiful destination ever in South India. Of course, Andaman is much more than beaches, it is a mini-paradise 🙂

Check out the cellular jail too here.

1. Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu

Kodaikanal - a secret gem of India, top place to visit in India
Kodaikanal – a secret gem of South India/Credit: Pixabay

Called the princess of hills, Kodaikanal is a secret treasure of South India that many tourists do not know about.

This place is simply bewitching and is my favorite tourist destination in South India! Check out my post The best kept secret of South India – Kodaikanal for more details.

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For more wonderful tourist spots and top places to visit in India, please check out this awesome website Indian Holiday Destinations.

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16 Best places to visit in South India: You absolutely cannot miss visiting these beautiful destinations when you are visiting South India
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16 Best places to visit in South India: You absolutely cannot miss visiting these beautiful destinations when you are visiting South India
16 Best places to visit in South India

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