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Hong Kong skyline - top things to do in Hong Kong

Top 10 Things to Do in Hong Kong

Top 10 Things to Do in Hong Kong – A guest post by frequent traveler Jessica. Check out her other post on Glorious Sunrise about Top destinations to visit in the United States too. (Featured Image by Jude Joshua from Pixabay)

Hong Kong top 10 things to do
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Planning a vacation is a reason to explore the world atlas to discover new places to enjoy. Have you ever been to Hong Kong? If not, it is high time to plan your next visit to this magnificent Asian City. The most fabulous way to enjoy the city is through savoring each moment step by step. 

Have a look at the breathtaking skyline, which inches forward on a deeper foundation of the rich traditional past that’s quite evident. There is more to this city than meets the eye. If you are traveling from Manchester like me, you can visit Cathay Pacific flights from Manchester to Hong Kong to book a flight and explore the remarkable wonders of Hong Kong. Here are the top ten amazing things to do in Hong Kong.

1. Victoria peak

 You ought to make your way to Victoria peak if you want to have a bird-view of Hong Kong City. Take a ride on the funicular tram which enters the Madame Tussauds Museum. It will leave you energized as you soak in the appealing harbor’s view as well as the sky-high architectural buildings.

Take a stroll along the harbor in the evening and enjoy the fantastic symphony of lights. It’s an incredible, phenomenal sound and light display that you don’t want to miss.

You can try out the signature dishes in the Michelin star restaurants within the vicinity. The meals are tasty, cheap, and enjoy some vegetarian options.

2. Lan Kwai Fong 

Are you a party enthusiast? You are in luck! You ought to have a look at Lan Kwai Fong. You get to experience the cool pubs lined together. Fill your glass and make merry with other revelers within the vicinity. 

It is a short walk from the famous Victoria Peak, and you are sure to get a great friendly vibe. You can immerse yourself in the local delicacy and sample the fantastic specialties that they have to offer. 

3. Aberdeen fishing village 

It is a fantastic time to delve into the quaint fishing village right at the center of a significant international city. Get to see the numerous fishing boats and charming restaurants which will satiate your seafood cravings. Have one of those excellent boat tours, and understand why some prefer to live aboard.  

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4. Hong Kong history museum 

Are you planning to visit any cultural spots within Hong Kong? Don’t forget to visit the Hong Kong Museum of history. Get a chance to go to Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, where you’ll find the magnificent building that has a particularly harmonious look.

It is time to learn more about Chinese cultural heritage. It is a chance to have a look at more than 90,000 historical artifacts that speak volumes concerning the rich China history. You’ll have the time to look at village furniture, ancient clothes, beliefs and customs, and fishing ships, among others.

While at the museum you ought to tour the eight galleries on the two floors. It is a phenomenal time, and you will become transformed as well as inspired.

5. Hong Kong Disney land 

Get a magnificent Disney experience while in Hong Kong. It is an ideal place to pay a visit, especially if you have young ones in tow. Enjoy a fantastic boat ride through the jungle and look at the exotic flora and fauna.

Have a tour of Tomorrowland to see the fantastic space exploration that kids would be very interested in along with adults.

6. Ngong Ping 360 

Here is a must-see attraction when you visit Hong Kong. Enjoy a cable ride from Tung Chung and pass through the amazing village that has the most diverse culture.

Get the best experience ever with the panoramic view that you can hardly see anywhere on earth.

7. Ocean park 

Get a chance to explore the summit as well as the waterfront. You can use the ocean express or cable cars to travel between the two zones. 

Enjoy the spectacular view of the immediate environment and collect souvenirs along during your tour. 

8. Chin Lin Nunnery 

Here’s a reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty in its architectural design that you ought to see. It displays the harmony between people and the surroundings.

Take a walk along the lotus pond garden as you have a look at the statues of four deities who represent the cardinal points. The Chin Lin Nunnery is a gorgeous shrine that you ought to explore.

9. Dialogue in the dark 

It is an exhibit that is worth visiting. You can navigate through the exhibition and experience various sounds, texture, temperature as well as smell. 

It is an exhibition constructed in utter darkness where visually impaired tour guides guide one. It is a unique experience where you get to out all your senses into action.

10. Repulse Bay  

Here is a place that is worth a tour to gaze at its picturesque setting. You can visit the site to have some alone time to read or have some quiet time. On your way, you can get hot chilly garlic noodles to satisfy your appetite.


Hong Kong is a great destination to tour. As you are planning your next big vacation, you can click here cathaypacific.com/destinations/en_GB/flights-from-manchester-to-hong-kong to book a flight to Hong Kong. Enjoy your stay by trying the items mentioned above.  

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Top places to visit in Hong Kong
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