Image by graec from Pixabay
Image by graec from Pixabay

Thinking of moving to Chicago? Here are the reasons why it is awesome!

Chicago, Illinois is an important international hub for technology, arts, commerce, education and many more industries. It is a melting pot of culture, arts and food. Of course, this would mean that this city has plenty of job opportunities in a diverse set of workplaces too.

The Windy City has been consistently been voted as one of the best largest cities in the United States in the recent past and has a record number of tourists visiting every year. With its beautiful parks and incredible facilities, who doesn’t want to move here?

If you are planning to move to the City of Chicago, check out these points and decide on the move.

1. Parks

With a motto that literally means that Chicago is a city in a garden, this city has some of the best greenery compared to other cities its size. Hyde Park, Millennium Park where the famous Bean resides, Lincoln Park are some of the many beautiful parks that abound in Chicago. As the Chicago River flows through the city, there are many spots for you to sit back and relax along it. The popular North Avenue Beach is an especially cool spot to enjoy on a beach.

2. Transportation

There are enough transportation options in the city of Chicago even if you do not want to use your own car to get around. Its L train is cheap and convenient to move around the city and be at many places without having to worry about parking. The train also gives access to the city’s airports, neat! The Chicago Transit Authority also runs a great bus network with extensive coverage around the city and its suburbs. Parking is a bit expensive in the city, but there are plenty of options if you want to just hire a taxi instead of using your set of wheels.

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3. Rental Homes

The neighborhoods in the city and suburbs cover a diverse set of living spaces and cater to a variety of needs for those looking to rent. Recent data by Zumper shows that more people rent (53%) in this city as compared to those who own homes (48%) in Chicago.

According to Zumper, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago is $1450 currently (2021) . The most affordable neighborhoods in Chicago seem to be on the East Side where you could find a one-bedroom spot for about $700. Check out the popular neighborhoods and do your own rent research before deciding on your perfect apartment.

4. Location

Chicago is connected fluidly with major cities and it is a major connection hub in the Midwest. As it is noted as a highly-networked city, Chicago is a highly desirable place to be if you travel frequently for business or pleasure. Indianapolis, Nashville, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington, New York, many eastern cities are all easy to get to from Chicago.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

5. Nightlife

Even when you put aside all the countless tourist spots here, Chicago, without a doubt, has one of the most active night scenes in its folds. With many options for party goers and movie-lovers, Chicago is the place to be for people looking for a city with a uber colorful nightlife. The art scene is also on the top here, with many museums and art galleries to satisfy the thirst of artistic souls.

6. Food

Chicago-style hot dogs anyone? Chicago has a brilliant cuisine fusion, with foods originated from different countries around the world. It is also famous for its deep-dish pizza. It is a tasty treat, which also fill you up pretty quick. Don’t forget to try Giordano’s deep-dish pizza after you finish your sight-seeing at the Skydeck on Willis Tower.

Good luck with the move!

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