The Night Visitors Book Review - Carol Goodman
The Night Visitors Book Review - Carol Goodman

The Night Visitors by Carol Goodman – Book Review

Carol Goodman is an award-winning author of more than 20 novels in various genres. After reading her latest paranormal thriller, The Night Visitors: A Novel, I have no doubt that there are more awards coming her way. Check out this exciting book’s review below.

The Night Visitors Book Review - Carol Goodman
The Night Visitors

Book Review

The Night Visitors is written as a narration alternating between the view points of two main characters, Mattie and Alice. Mattie is a middle-aged social worker. She is a respected judge’s daughter. Alice along with ten-year-old Oren end up seeking Mattie’s help to escape an abusive situation back home.

The switch between Mattie’s and Alice’s views makes the book very interesting. We get to know how each character feels and we get super engaged with the story.

Interesting characters

This book has some pretty interesting characters that keep the story realistic and spellbinding at the same time.

Alice comes out of foster care and has low self-esteem but is determined to take the best care of Oren. Oren, the ten-year-old child in Alice’s care is a mix of rebellion and obedience. He tries to please the adults around him to avoid domestic abuse. Like a typical ten-year-old, he seems to imagine characters out of movies as real ones that surround him and help him. He is a Star Wars fan and imagines all the characters from those movies.

Mattie loses her brother Caleb when he was just ten years old. She settles down for a life of social service dedicated to help domestic violence victims. When she goes to collect Alice and Oren from a bus station she is supposed to take them to a convent. Instead of taking them to the Sanctuary, she takes them home with her as Oren reminds her of Caleb.

This is when the plot thickens as a snow storm lashes at the house and many natural and supernatural elements seem to be working around them. As Mattie and Alice confront evil, Oren seems to be in contact with a ghost.

I cannot tell you more without spoiling the story for you, but trust me when I say that nothing is as it seems in the beginning. You would love the many twists and turns the plot takes throughout the story. At some parts it is downright chilling, goosebumps guaranteed.

Everything is neatly tied up at the end of the story but it won’t be what you expect at all. The author does a great job of surprising you till the last page.

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The Verdict

This novel definitely highlights the importance of social worker’s sacrifices and the great help they are to abused people. The author’s experience working at a crisis center has reflected well in the story. I sincerely think this book is going to set records.

The Night Visitors is full of surprises till the very end. Settle down for a thrilling read with an extra mug of coffee. This will keep you up all night as it is extremely hooking. It will not let you go till you finish the book.

Can’t wait to read Goodman’s next book The Ice Virgin set in Maine. Hope it is released soon! Meanwhile, I am heading straight to read Goodman’s critically acclaimed The Other Mother: A Novel now which also seems to be a chilling thriller.

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The Night Visitors is a super-engaging psychological thriller. It mingles social services, domestic abuse, paranormal things, great characters,strong twists.
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