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The Lighthouse by Christopher Parker – Book Review

Disclosure: We received this book for review. All the opinions in this post are solely our own.

The Lighthouse by Christopher Parker.

The Lighthouse is Christopher Parker’s debut novel. It is a beautifully-written tale of a teenager coping with a huge loss in her life. The Lighthouse makes for an amazing read, and is a guaranteed “unputdownable” find.

I finished it in a single sitting as it was so engrossing, full of mystery at every turn. After reading the book’s blurb, you might expect the tale to make you reach for the tissue box every few minutes, but that idea could not be more wrong! This story is written in a surprisingly refreshing and positively uplifting way.

Amy Tucker visits the charming town of Seabrook for her father’s work. She is struggling emotionally after her mother’s death.

Seabrook is a charming little town on the Pacific Coast. This town is famous for its old lighthouse that is supposedly haunted, which started shining mysteriously the night Amy visits.

Why the lighthouse shines suddenly after being dormant for so long is the mystery that Amy gets involved in. She meets Ryan, a local ranch owner, along the way and a lot of things happen that also help her heal.

The story starts with a punch, reels you in and never lets you go till the end. It is hard to believe that this book is the author’s debut because the story-writing is brilliant. Keeps you fully engaged and turning the pages through the night. Its suspenseful and lively narrative makes the story all the more interesting.

Amy meets Ryan and spends the afternoon exploring the woods near his ranch which is in financial trouble. They bare their souls to each other and grow close in this short meeting. This meeting is not by chance, not by a long shot. A mysterious set of happenings bring them together. There is a mystery cab that appears when she wants to go somewhere, a little girl who keeps turning up alone to help Amy, with her parents nowhere to be seen. This will be clear to Amy near the end of the story, when she realizes there are some supernatural things happening around her.

The Lighthouse is a perfect book just in time for Halloween with its haunted lighthouse and the mystery around it.

The Lighthouse is available on Amazon in all formats(Audible, Kindle, Hardcover and Paperback). Get you copy now and enjoy!

Seabrook, a quaint town famous for its haunted lighthouse has a story. A grieving teenager meets a hardworking boy struggling to keep up with his ranch and caring for his father. How they find comfort and carry on with life is the crux of the story. There is mystery in every page.
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