the guardians john grisham book review
the guardians book review

The Guardians: Book Review – John Grisham

The latest book from master story-teller John Grisham, The Guardians, is a must read for legal-thriller lovers.

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Book Review

Unlike a few of Grisham’s recent books like Gray Mountain, The Guardians is a book filled with interesting page-turning content from the start till the end. The plot is super-rich, the characters are perfectly flawed and realistic, and the ending is very satisfactory after a tense tumble through the courts.

Strong characters

I personally like it very much when all the characters in the book have some meaningful context in the story and this book is a gem in this aspect. Everything is connected and beautifully woven together into the sensible plot line. A lawyer burns out, turns into a priest and then takes to law again, a very interesting character indeed.

Deep plot

As is usual with Grisham’s plots, this novel also highlights a wrongful system, and a lawyer’s passion to right the wrong.

This story throws light on the plight of the less fortunate citizens of the United States. They were wrongly accused of a crime that they had nothing to do with and were still serving time in prison. These innocent people were left to rot away in prison, or worse be executed, by the system.

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Our heroes of the story, “The Guardians” are deeply invested in bringing justice and freeing as many people as they can with their extremely limited finances and resources.

The Guardians are a set of lawyers who work pro bono, slogging away for the cause on their own dime and time. This noble work can be dangerous too as this is after all business that involves crime. How our heroes try to free a long-forgotten prisoner who is in the prison for more than two decades is forms the final climax.

It makes for a super-fast thrilling read and is recommended for all legal-thriller fans.

Check out The Guardians available on Amazon now. Have a great read!

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The Guardians Book Review
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