The Governor's Wife Book Review
The Governor's Wife Book Review

The Governor’s Wife – Book Review (Mark Gimenez)

The Governor’s Wife by Mark Gimenez is a fast-paced action thriller that must not be missed. The author shows different shades of his favorite state, Texas, in this book.

The Governor’s Wife Book Review

Coming right to the main plot, the governor of Texas aims to become the President. His wife however does not share his ambition and feels suffocated by his political goals. And a Mexican drug lord wants the Governor dead.

The Governor’s wife practices nursing secretly in the slums on the border. When she gets kidnapped in the colonia by the drug lord to lure in her husband, all drama unfolds and a race to save her ensues.

The Governor has to choose between his life and his wife’s….to know his decision, you must read this book. No spoilers, huh? 😉

Reality check

The contrast between the two sides of the Rio Grande river, even though they are practically neighbors and the irony in the situation is not lost on the reader.

The river forms part of the United States border with Mexico. So, the drug cartels that are rampant in Mexico get treated as criminal institutions on the other side of the river.

But, the drug lords make the stuff just to feed it to the Americans and make money, not to consume it themselves. Without that market, they won’t exist.  The author brings out the contrast between the two sides brilliantly.

The lives of the illegal migrants, the unnecessary violence and sickness even children have to suffer is shown vividly by the author.

The Verdict

This story is sure to rip at your heart as well as push your adrenaline to the max.

All the characters are developed very well and each and every person has a great role in the book.

The author shows how good and bad co-exist in each of us and that each of make a different choice when we land in difficult situations and that is what defines us.

The Governor’s wife herself is such a strong character, you will be rooting for her right from the beginning.

All in all, The Governor’s Wife is a great read. Have a fabulous night with this novel!

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The Governor's Wife is a superb thriller with lots of cool twists and turns in the plot. It is a must read for crime fiction lovers!
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