The Golden City Book Review
The Golden City Book Review. Picture Credit: Pixabay

The Golden City – Book Review (John Twelve Hawks)

The Golden City (2009) is the last novel in the Fourth Realm trilogy written by John Twelve Hawks.

The Golden City Book Review

This book continues from the last scene in the previous book, The Dark River, where we see Maya fighting in the realm of hell.

Maya is still there, cannot take any food or water, and yet has to fight for her life.

(May contain spoilers)

Mother Blessing has a proud death at the end of a fight in the previous novel.

This leaves Hollis with even more rage. He goes to Japan to find a medium to talk to his beloved Vicki. He then accepts Mother Blessing’s obligation and takes on Priest as his harlequin name.

Linden guards Gabriel in London. Gabriel tries to find pathways that Maya also can use to come back to the fourth realm (the earth).

The Fourth Realm

After intense research and effort, he travels to the realm of hell again to save Maya through a conventional portal.

Maya is gravely injured and it seems that the wound takes forever to heal in the fourth realm. She guards Gabriel and Linden goes to Paris for sometime.

The Fifth Realm

In the meantime, Michael goes to the fifth realm of half gods and learns how to control everyone in the world and starts putting his ideas into effect on earth.

Michael starts that by murdering people; creating powerful scares, and then offering safety solutions to the world in the form of RFID chips for everyone for free from Evergreen Foundation.

For instance, he gets children kidnapped all over California and creates a scary situation for parents there. Then he enforces RFID chip implantation in all schools in the name of protection.

Similar incidents like this happen all over the world and all the governments are nudged to choose RFID chips as their safety solution.

The Sixth Realm

Gabriel travels to the sixth realm of Gods and finds an empty Golden City.

There are no Gods, but he finds his father there. They have a good chat and he returns to earth to oppose his brother, Michael.

Gabriel releases  a video all over the world using a computer worm and warns people of the double shades of the Evergreen foundation. This causes massive resistance to the RFID chips.

The Second Realm

Michael and Gabriel fight in the second realm where everything burns forever in a cycle, and remain there for months.

Hollis and Maya guard the Corrigan brothers’ bodies.

The Vast Machine is opposed and the fight for freedom continues.

The Verdict

The Golden City is relatively short on the fizzle factor compared to the previous two books in this trilogy.

I expected a more grand ending in the range of the Lord of the Rings, but instead got a normal, everyday ending.

Despite the ending, the book continues to capture the reader’s mind and puts him on the edge till the book is finished.

A good read. It is recommended that you read The Traveller and The Dark River before this.

First Two Books Reviews

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The Golden City by John Twelve Hawks is a superb closure to the Traveller trilogy. It would want you to live off the grid after reading this!
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