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The Blog Slog/Success and Influencer Marketing!

Blogging is one of the ways to gain a foot into the competitive influencer marketing game which has been all the rage in the recent past and continues to be at the top spot. It will remain important and in relevance along with other social media tools like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Flipboard.

The Blog Slog

Of course, blogging is not easy just like any other vice that is worth pursuing. It can definitely be a slog in the initial few years and then it will click once you get the niche zeroed in and get all the right contacts. Many Marvel fans can relate to Thanos‘s famous “I am inevitable” line from the popular Avengers movies franchise. In that perfect sense, bloggers can relate to the fact that “where there is hard work, the success is inevitable.” Once all the connections are in place, the blog basically runs itself. And you get to enjoy the fruit of all the hard work you put in.

Sponsored projects

Many bloggers take on sponsored work to keep the blog in profit as they grow. This sponsored work can be anything like sponsored reviews for certain products related to their niche, a sponsored post where a brand collaborates with the blog to get more exposure and reach relevant audience.

This sponsored work does not come by easily to “influencers” unless they have substantial blog growth with many subscribers or tons of followers on their social media channels. That said, brands often make use of micro-influencers, meaning blogs with low follower base and less social media followers too. The caveat is that the brand should feel that these influencers have the perfect target consumer base for their product.

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Influencer Marketing

To put it simply, Influencer Marketing is a tool used by brands to increase awareness of their products and reach its target consumers through blogs and social media. The end goal is to increase brand awareness, sales and profits through these channels.

So, as a blogger when you aspire to become a successful influencer like Kaytlin, a fitness influencer, think about which niche you want to get rooted in and focus on it. Grow a specific niche audience as opposed to a wide generic audience. This will increase your blog’s chances with brands because each company targets a specific set of consumers and if your goals relate to theirs, it would automatically result in a successful collaboration and establish you as a worthy influencer.

Visual imprint

Instagram is especially a serious tool for influencer marketing in many niches including travel, beauty, fitness and lifestyle. After all, most people get impressed visuals over pages and pages of words. A visual makes an impact quicker than a paragraph in many scenarios. For this reason you should create channels for your blog on all the relevant social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Genuine interaction

Interaction with audience is another major boosting factor in your growth as an influence. Because the audience like talking to a real person and responds better to any promotion or brand collaboration you may post later on. It also helps if you promote something you already use instead of shouting out about something that you have never used nor have any plans of using.

Being genuine is really important to your audience. This will result in a honest relationship with your followers and brands love this kind of influence. Obviously this is the secret to success in influencer marketing. It is a win-win for both you as a blogger and the brand. Once you have a loyal following, you would even get serious subscribers pay to access your content.

So, slog on. Happy blogging!

Influencer Marketing tips for bloggers!
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