The Abduction Book Review
The Abduction Book Review. Picture Credit: Pixabay

The Abduction – Book Review (Mark Gimenez)

Mark Gimenez is a wizard at whipping out  realistic stories out of uncommon incidents. The Abduction is a mind-blowing thriller and one to surely keep you on the edge till you finish the book.

The Abduction Book Review

This novel is not a legal thriller like other Gimenez offerings, but a very fast-paced story that surrounds the kidnap and rescue of a small girl from the hands of the evil.

This book ties so many random events into one beautifully linked master event and will have the reader hooked to it till the end.

A father, who is a geek in the computer field and about to earn billions in pay off, is turned into a strong character within a short span. He loses his cowardice out of the vast love only a parent can shower on a child.

This is what happens here and the child’s father becomes a real man to bring his daughter back.

The mother on the other hand has suffered greatly at the hands of evil in the past and clings to it. She is so damaged by the wrongs in her life that she is even unable to love her husband. But, the kidnapping changes her too.

The grandpa and his bravery are extra-ordinary. The author shows how soldiers suffer even after the war is long over in heart-rending descriptions of their post-war lives.

The child herself become wise beyond her years after the ordeal. Even during the kidnap, the way she handles herself is simply brilliant.

The Verdict

The action is relentless, what with plans to assassinate the President, destroy war evidence and what not!

This novel has its dose of humor too. A must read for crime-fiction lovers.

Read this extra-awesome thriller and have a fantastic evening!

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The Abduction by Mark Gimenez is a heart-racing thriller that crime-fiction lovers cannot afford to miss!
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