Sudden Prey Book Review
Sudden Prey Book Review. Picture Credit: Pixabay

Sudden Prey – Book Review(John Sandford)

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Sudden Prey is John sandford’s eighth thriller in the superb crime-novels series called the Prey series.

Sudden Prey Book Review

This Prey novel has a intriguing plot and it delivers, no question about it. From the first word, the reader is put on the edge of the seat and not let go till the last word.

In this story, the author brilliantly gets across the mindset of a psycho, why he got that way, how he tries to get back at the world and especially at the cops.

Sometimes, the parents are truly responsible for how the child turns out, but some other times, the mind is simply bent that way. Hardwired is more like it.

Also, the clear panic and stress faced by cops’ families when a criminal tries to take out their anger at them, ‘eye for an eye’ as said in the book, is shown in vivid pictures.

The unnecessary loss of human life, the way life is sometimes for the less fortunate people is shown painstakingly clearly.

Lucas Davenport

Lucas Davenport, the super cop, who seemingly is on top on all the crimes, is baffled at how the criminals get the information on the cop families so accurately.

When a cop is dirty and he helps the criminals, there is very less left in the hands of the good police. The criminals stop at nothing to take revenge and get back for taking down their family.

The family members of the cops are cooped up in a safe place, but no one likes to be locked up even for their own protection.

The way Lucas tries to keep everyone safe and out of harm’s way is depicted very realistically. At the end, Lucas’s girlfriend, Weather, is taken hostage by one of the killers, a very crazy man and the tension mounts.

The Verdict

A crazy man, with his equally insane buddies, form formidable opposition to the protagonist and super-sleuth Lucas.

A superb cop thriller I have read in the recent days and definitely a must read to police-drama lovers. This book is longer than the average length of the Prey novels, but every page is more than worth reading and holds its own merit.

The plot is so full of suspense, it is surely unputdownable (is it a word yet? ;)). A sure recommendation for crime fiction enthusiasts.

Buy it now on Amazon available as Sudden Prey (A Prey Novel).

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Sudden Prey is an intense thriller that would keep you hooked. This Prey installment from John Sandford does not fail to deliver!
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  1. I really need to get back into reading again because this book review makes this book sound awesome! I don’t think Ive ever read a horror book before, but I guess I should start with this book.

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