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Honeymoon destinations. Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Stunning Ideas for a honeymoon you’ll remember forever!

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After the stress of planning and executing the wedding of your dreams, the perfect way to de-stress and begin married life is with a honeymoon you’ll remember forever.

Think about what you as a couple are interested in, and then start planning. There are many stunning places and holiday ideas to choose from, so no matter what you as a couple are interested in, you’re sure to have a magical time making your first memories of married life.

Image by Ibrahim Asad from Pixabay

A cozy winter retreat.

One of the most stunning settings is snow-covered mountains in the wintertime. Many fantastic mountain resorts worldwide would be perfect to cozy up together in, but for something a little different, why not look somewhere a bit off the beaten path, such as Hokkaido in Japan.

Here you can combine experiencing a different culture with traditional winter past times, like skiing or soaking in a thermal hot spring surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Set sail in luxury.

If high peaks aren’t your thing, perhaps time aboard a luxury yacht surrounded by the gleaming ocean is more your style. Whether you want to kick back on deck together, put in at a secluded bay for a romantic picnic lunch or get into the water to swim with the fish, a charter boat holiday offers up many opportunities for fun and romance.

The company 12 Knots allows you to choose from various destinations and vessels on several continents that will all see you enjoying the high life.

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More than just a city break.

For an alternative city break, you can’t beat Hong Kong, the ex-British colony in the south of China. Due to its colonial past, there is a mix of architectural influences and a diverse population bringing different flavors of interest to your honeymoon.

The considerable number of sky scrappers blend with the epic scenery to create impressive skyscapes that you can see from various natural beauty spots, including a vast number of small islands off the coast. If shopping and food are your things, then this is the destination for you, boasting a world-class reputation for both.

It’s not just Italy lite.

Croatia is a magical destination for those with an affinity for the ancient classical world but not wanting the crowds of Rome or Athens. The Croatian coast is just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. It offers stunning azure waters from Pula in the north to Dubrovnik in the south and a wealth of classical Roman ruins and history set on this beautiful backdrop.

It’s not all about the past, though; with its own rich modern culture, the Croatian coast has much to offer, including water sports, beautiful beaches, or relaxing on an island getaway.

By thinking a little out of the box and trying something or somewhere a little different, you and your new spouse will be talking about the honeymoon of your dreams for years to come and showing off those stunning photos with pleasure and pride.

Happy married life!

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Honeymoon ideas to create great memories.
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