Storm Prey Book Review
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Storm Prey – Book Review(John Sandford)

Storm Prey is the 20th book in the popular crime-thriller Prey series by John Sandford.

Storm Prey Book Review

This Prey book follows super cop, Lucas Davenport, as he chases a gang of mismatched criminals involved in a hospital pharmacy robbery and murder.

Lucas, even though working for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, BCA now, steps all over the case even though it is with Minneapolis cops and the investigation is headed by his old pal, Marcy Sherrill. Marcy is now the Deputy Chief of Police.

This Prey novel delves deep into the mind of a wanton, who is desperately addicted to drugs. One irredeemably lost man causes a series of unnecessary murders to satisfy his lust for drugs.

The author has clearly shown how low such a person can stoop to, when he gets desperate. And also the result of his actions are painted vividly.

Innocent blood is spilled, leaving behind young children to fend for themselves. For that matter anyone who has uncontrollable needs would become unreasonable as rightly depicted in this plot.

Lucas Davenport and Co.

Weather Davenport, Lucas’s wife, is operating on twin babies born joined at birth. This surgery constitutes almost two-thirds of this book, which indeed bored me.

May be that is because I do not much care for medical procedures as much as I do about crime detection.  And may be people with science background would  be more interested. I even felt that some characters are simply built without any foundation.

Letty Davenport is shown to be growing into a very confident, even intimidating teenager. Sam is cute as usual. Weather wants to try and have another child.

Virgil Flowers  is given a more elaborate character in this plot as he is one of the main bodyguards for Weather. She needs protection as she saw one of the robbers at the hospital without realizing it at that time.

Lucas Davenport brilliantly connects the dots as usual and digs up the identities of the criminals.

The Verdict

I find this plot kind of a repeat of the story of the 5th book in the Prey series called Winter Prey.

This plot also involves the hospital, Weather as a target, members of the Seed gang, bikers and the whole works. But at least she does not separate from Lucas again, thankfully.

This time grenade and its functionality is explored by the author. And quite a few grenades are used in this story.

All said, it is a time pass read for a lazy day. But don’t go expecting a fresh plot in this Sandford novel.

If Storm Prey is the first book you are reading in this series, then you would surely enjoy the intricacy of the plot. Have a great read.

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Storm Prey is an intense thriller that would keep you hooked. This Prey installment from John Sandford does not fail to deliver!
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