Silent Prey Book Review
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Silent Prey – Book Review(John Sandford)

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Silent Prey is the fourth book in the Prey series novels written by popular crime-thriller author John Sandford.

Silent Prey Book Review

This Prey novel is a sequel to the third novel in the series, Eyes of Prey.

The psychotic doctor, Michael Bekker, who was thrown into prison by Lucas Davenport in the previous Prey installment, escapes from prison. He starts killing again, this time in New York.

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Lucas Davenport

Though booted from the force, in the previous book, Eyes of Prey, for using excessive violence, Lucas Davenport’s exceptional intellect is much sought after.

Lily Rothenburg, a cop Lucas is partnered with on a previous case (in the book Shadow Prey), asks for his help as a consultant on the case.

Lucas takes the trip to New York where he is requested to solve another separate case also discreetly. Now it is up to Lucas Davenport to save the innocent people and finish Bekker for good.

Romance and Thrills

The romance between Lily and Lucas forms the juicy part of the book, while hunting down secret killers related to the police department forms a major thrilling section of the plot.

Not to forget uncovering Bekker’s liar and saving the innocent victims.

Impossible antagonist

This time, Bekker improvises and becomes impossible to be smoked out. But his wits are no match to the brilliant mind of Lucas Davenport.

The chase itself is very interesting and on the side, Lucas also unravels a secret killers gang.

The Verdict

This plot is very intricate and definitely one of John Sandford’s best yet.

All the twists and turns make your head spin. With lots of potential killers, Lucas Davenport’s task is no lesser in the bustling city of New York.

Silent Prey is definitely a great thriller with two parallel mysteries. This is a superb book that must not be missed by crime-fiction lovers!

Buy it now on Amazon available as Silent Prey (Lucas Davenport, No 4).

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Silent Prey Book Review: John Sandford's Silent Prey is a chilling thriller that involves a genius from the medical field as a match to the super cop Lucas Davenport. An un-put-down-able read!!
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