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Shadow Prey – Book Review (John Sandford)

Shadow Prey Book Review

Shadow Prey Book Review. Picture Credit: Pixabay

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Shadow Prey is the second book in John Sandford’s Prey series novels. It is a fully action-packed police thriller.

Shadow Prey Book Review

This Prey novel follows the sharp police detective Lucas Davenport chasing down the killers of powerful people in Minnesota.


In this book, the author portrays how racial discrimination affected certain people’s lives and how the victims try to get back at the injustice done to them.

The Indians have long memories and a gang starts taking out highly-placed officials in what seem to be apparent suicide attacks.

Lucas Davenport

Lucas Davenport once again shines in this novel as he tracks down the killers. Jennifer and Lucas together take care of their girl baby lovingly.

Lucas’s romances and personal relationships are always portrayed realistically by the author. So, you don’t have star-spangled, moon-eyed romantic couples here, sorry. It is pure action!

The Verdict

Though I was not too fond of the substantial violence in the climax involving even the infant, this book is a good continuation to the Prey series.

Plot-wise and thrills-wise, the first book ‘Rules of Prey‘ is still the best. The many interesting sub-plots on different characters makes this a great read.

Buy it on Amazon now available as Shadow Prey (A Prey Novel).

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Update: After reading all the Prey novels till date (18 Oct 2017), I still feel that Rules of Prey rules 😉

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