Hong kong destination for honeymoon
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Plan your dream honeymoon vacay in Hong Kong

*This is a guest post by Jason from Hong Kong who is a frequent traveler. Featured image by tee2tee from Pixabay.

Plan Your Honeymoon in Hong Kong

As a busy cosmopolitan center in Asia, Hong Kong is home to myriad skyscrapers. But only few would consider the city for their honeymoon.

In fact, the city has a lot to offer and honeymooners might be surprised to find out why Kong Kong is a great destination for a romantic, energetic and luxurious honeymoon. You can also check out flights to Hong Kong for your upcoming honeymoon trip!

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Here are our recommendations on what to do on your honeymoon in this vibrant city:

1. Spend a day or two on an outlying island

Hong Kong’s natural and lush landscape is lesser known to foreigners and tourists. To the surprise of many, the majority of the city’s landscape contains steep mountains and hills, and is home to more than 250 outlying islands!

For many locals here, a day trip on one of the islands is a great weekend getaway with their loved ones, family and friends. Some of the more popular islands to spend a day or two on include Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, Tai O, Peng Chau and many more.

Cheung Chau is famous for its annual Bun Festival, during which the exhilarating Bun Scrambling Competition and Piu Sik Parade take place. All year round, you can easily have a fun-filled day on this island. Hiking and various water sports are super popular on this island too.

Tai O is located on the northern part of Lantau Island. The famous fishing village is home to stilt houses, also known as the “Venice of Hong Kong”. Tai O Market is lined up with food stalls selling mouth-watering local delicacies, such as egg waffles, shrimp and pork pizza-rolls, and other local snacks. Besides being a mini food paradise, many traditional food items are for sale in the market.

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2. Soak in the Sun at a beach or hike into pristine nature

Although Hong Kong is a bustling city with congested streets and sprawling high-rise buildings, there is no lack of beaches and mountain trails for an eco-conscious honeymoon.

You can easily spend a day at a gorgeous beach, sunbathing and doing various water sports. With its laid back vibe, Repulse Bay is a great destination for a sun-soaking day, complemented with a picturesque walk along the coastline and water sports on the emerald sea.

Alternatively, if you prefer mountains and greenery more, Hong Kong has also got you covered! There are many hiking trails of varying difficulties to choose from. Many are very accessible, conveniently connected to the city centre through multiple public transportation means.

Some of the famous mountains to visit include the Mount High West, Dragon’s Back, Lion Rock, Sunset Peak and so on. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful ardent side of the city. Lion Rock and Sunset Peak are both well-known for their amazing sunset views. Catching the sunset there with your newly-wed would be a great idea!

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3. Glamorous luxury hotel stay

Like any vibrant and cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong has many hotels, among which many are 5-star and luxury hotels that offer a truly pampering and decadent experience that will make you feel like royalty.

The Four Seasons Hotel, one of the most prestigious in Hong Kong, is conveniently located in Central. The luxury hotel has achieved four 5-star ratings by Forbes Travel Guide 2020 for Hotel, Caprice, Lung King Heen and Spa.

On the Kowloon side, there is the Peninsula Hong Kong, situated in Tsim Sha Tsui and a few minutes’ walk from the Star Ferry Pier. This prominent hotel has 90 years of history of excellence and is dubbed the legendary “Grande Dame of the Far East”. Its hotel brand is the first and only in the world to have achieved 5-star ratings for every hotel under the brand. Book in advance to secure a room at a better price!

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4. The food paradise

You will most definitely be blown away by the culinary landscape in the tiny city. As a food paradise, the restaurants in Hong Kong offer a wide array of cuisines from all over the world. Of course, you will get to experience many authentic Chinese and Cantonese dishes here as well, such as Dim Sum, Peking Duck, Wonton noodles and many more.

The city has also no lack of Michelin-starred restaurants, and in fact, boasts nearly 100 Michelin stars. Lung King Heen at The Four Seasons Hotel, as the first 3-star Chinese restaurant, serves one of the best Peking duck in the world. You may also want to have a feast at T’ang Court at Langham as it is highly praised for their exquisite and delicious Chinese cuisine.

5. Shopping paradise

You can’t got to Hong Kong and not go shopping. The city offers a wide spectrum of shopping experience from very expensive to affordable, including designer clothes and handbags, jewellery and watches, tailor-made suits, pastries and so on.

Apart from grand shopping malls, you can also shop in street markets, street side shops and department stores. Some of the most shopping-friendly districts are Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok.

The stunning urban landscape is full of surprises. Your honeymoon trip will be fun, luxurious and relaxing. Book your tickets to Hong Kong now with one of the most used airlines here, Cathay Pacific! It is a Hong Kong-based airline and is one of the safest airlines in the world. What’s more, passengers are pampered with topnotch inflight services and various entertainment options, such as catching the latest movie. Flight booking is hassle-free on its website. Your honeymoon trip is only a few clicks away. Have fun!

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Hong Kong is an amazing honeymoon destination with luxury and glamour. Beaches!!
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