Pinterest tips and tricks for bloggers
Pinterest tips and tricks for bloggers

Pinterest Tips and Error Solutions

Pinterest is a great platform to increase your blog traffic. But sometimes we see a few issues when using this platform.

Pinterest tips and tricks

I have faced some errors when using Pinterest too. So, I thought it will be helpful to other Pinterest users if I compile a list with tips and tricks.

1. Pin sharing

Sorry, invalid parameters or unable to fetch image

Try using a .jpg image instead of png or even renaming the JPG to use smallcase jpg. I know, its funny but true! 🙂

2. Contacting Pinterest

You can contact Pinterest if you have a business account. You can change your account to business account for free.

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3. Pin location

This is shown when you specify the image location for the pin. FYI, many people find it useful if location is specified if the pins are related to any specific locations. And location tagged pins have more repins.

4. Rich Pins

Ever wonder about the bold line you see below some pins on your boards?

Validate your website using the Pinterest Rich Pin Validator and apply for Rich Pins. This will show  your pins’s description in bold right below your pin. This makes it looks authentic and gets more repins.

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5. Pin description

You need to give good description to your pin while pinning it. Also add hashtags because Pinterest works like a search engine. Hashtags make your content easily visible and your pins have a good chance to get repinned.

By no means this list is exhaustive. I keep adding to these tips and solutions as and when I find them.


Please share any tips and tricks you know too. I would love to learn more.

Keep it pinteresting 🙂

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Pinterest tips and tricks for bloggers
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