Pinterest Rich Pin Validator "Something is wrong at our end" - Pinterest error message

Pinterest Rich Pin Validator Error – “Something went wrong on our end”

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***Update: Issue is resolved on 17/Feb/2017***

Are you trying to validate your domain for Rich Pins on Pinterest? It is actually a very simple process with just 2 steps involved.

As you know, a Rich Pin shows extra details on the pin itself.

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Rich Pin Validator

When you go to the Pinterest Rich Pin Validator, you can see the below steps.

Just enter any of your blog post’s URL (not your home page URL) into the box and click validate to get the pin validated.

Pinterest Rich Pin Validator

The Error

But Pinterest is throwing an odd error from the past 2 weeks when using the Rich Pin Validator: ‘Something went wrong at our end’.

For example I typed in a URL – “” and clicked the Validate button.

The URL was successfully validated with the message shown as “Your Pin’s have been validated. Apply to enable Rich Pins”.

Then I typed my domain URL to apply for Rich Pins, then got this error.


Error details

If you notice the details, it shows a red mark for ‘Authors’ details even though all the details are available for my post.

Then I looked up online to see how to get this solved. And I found that many others are also facing this issue. I submitted a request to Pinterest to look into this. They acknowledged this error as a bug and are working on it.

Status: Resolved as of 17/Feb/2017

I will update this post with the solution when I get a reply. (Update: The issue has been fixed by Pinterest developers :))

Pinterest replied saying that they are still working on it.

So, bookmark this page and check back later for updates.

I hope this gets resolved asap. Will talk to you soon.


ISSUE is RESOLVED by Pinterest developers. It should work now even though the red mark is still shown for authors tag.

Successful Rich Pin Validation

So glad that it is resolved 🙂

Keep Pinteresting!

If you have any other Pinterest issue, please check my new post that I am slowly building with tips and tricks as and when I face issues in Pinterest tips and tricks.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Trying to set up rich pins for my site and I got the same error – glad to know it’s not something I did wrong…I’ll check back on your blog and see if you find a resolution 🙂

  2. You are awesome! I have bookmarked your page so I can check for the updates everyday! Thanks so much for letting us know. I just applied for one today. Hopefully, it’s accepted. 🙂

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