One pot veg rice recipes
One pot veg rice recipes. Picture Credit: Pixabay

One pot meals recipes (Super quick vegetarian lunch ideas)

As a busy mom, I prefer simple one pot recipes to pack for school and office lunches for our family. Bonus points if its tasty and healthy!

As it happens, there are plenty of yummy one pot vegetarian dishes which are super easy and quick to make. But sometimes they don’t strike in our mind as options when we need them.

Quick veg lunch ideas: One pot recipes that are easy and quick to make for busy moms!
Quick veg lunch ideas

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I used to wonder what to make for the next day’s lunch all the time and at one point it became so stressful.

So, I listed out all my ideas and pinned it on the fridge to make life easy. I thought of sharing these awesome one pot dish vegetarian lunch ideas with you too, so that you can save time and still enjoy tasty food.

One Pot Lunch Ideas

1. Carrot fried rice

2. Green Peas Pulav

3. Pudina rice

4. Coconut rice

5. Vegetable rice

6. Dal rice

7. Tamarind rice (Pulihara/Puli Saadam)

8. Lemon rice

9. Mango rice

10. Curd rice

11. Venn Pongal

12. Panneer fried rice

13. Tomato rice

14. Spinach fried rice

15. Bisibelebath

16. Vaangi bhath

Venn Pongal recipe: Tasty, healthy and super quick breakfast staple of South India
Venn Pongal

I will keep adding more dishes and recipes here. Do check back from time to time.

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Quick veg lunch ideas: One pot recipes that are easy and quick to make for busy moms!
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Have a great lunch 🙂

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  1. I’m not a vegetarian.. but I sometimes steal thier food. 😉 Any ideas for non-rice recipes? One of my favorites is quinoa with peppers, olives, and avocados or tomatoes and a dill dressing.

  2. What is the dish in the bottom left of your top photo? I’ve never tried a creamy rice like that before and I’m always looking for something new!

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