Book Review of John Sandford's Night Prey
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Night Prey – Book Review(John Sandford)

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Night Prey is the sixth book in the Prey series written by bestselling author John Sandford.

Night Prey Book Review

(*May contain spoilers)

As is the case with all the Prey thrillers so far, Night Prey keeps the reader hooked till the end with its very intense and thrilling story line. Here is a brief book review for this Prey installment.

The Anti-Social Element

This Prey story follows super-cop Lucas Davenport  solving a gruesome case. He chases a murderer who is also a cat burglar.

When burgling an apartment, the psychopath stumbles upon a sleeping woman and fixates on her. The killer is obsessed with this beautiful lady and carves her initials into his victims.

Brutal show

The criminal scouts out lonely women, brutally kills them after he nabs them at remote places and disposes of them very discreetly.

Now it is up to the brilliant detective Lucas Davenport to save her and other potential victims.

Lucas Davenport – The Hero

For political reasons, the new police chief appoints Lucas Davenport as a deputy chief and Lucas returns to the department after two years.

Night Prey looks at Lucas Davenport living with Weather Karkinnen in his house. She understandably gets very worried about him and his working the case day in and day out.

The Verdict

This book is plotted very beautifully, leading the reader from one twist to the other very smoothly.

A female police officer, Meagan Connell, partners with Lucas to solve this case and the action is very well-paced. The climax is extremely interesting giving an awesome finish to this thriller.

Night Prey is without a doubt a must read book for crime-fiction lovers! This is the book I liked the most in the series after Rules of Prey.

Buy this book now on Amazon available as Night Prey (A Prey Novel).

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John Sandford's Night Prey Book Review
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