Neon prey book review John Sandford

Neon Prey – Book Review (John Sandford)

Neon Prey is the 29th Prey series installment. It has Lucas Davenport chasing a serial killer all around the United States.

As we know from the previous Prey book, Twisted Prey, Davenport is an U.S Marshal appointed politically and can pick and choose his assignments at his own discretion. He gets interested in a case that his old friend Rae works on and joins their team in Louisiana on the hunt for a cannibalistic serial killer.

The plot can’t get any deadlier as it contains characters that are totally unpredictable and solidly bent on evil. For Lucas Davenport, it is a race against time and the smarts of the killer and his cohorts who are equally sadistic and deadly, to save more innocent people from dying.

The serial killer on Lucas’s radar escapes to a different state, joins another heartless home invasion gang and invokes horror in that place. He seems to escape time and again even though at two points, Davenport has him cornered.

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One significant re-occurrence in this story is that the bad guys seem to take out other bad guys even when the FBI and the Marshals service were not close to finding them.

Davenport gets cocky and does a mistake that proves to be very costly and puts him out of action for months together. But he is Davenport after all, the most smart and cunning person on the force! He formulates intricate plans to smoke out the criminal gang and it works.

Letty, Lucas’s elder daughter contemplates her studies and career in this story. Weather, Lucas’s wife is worried about her husband’s mental health as much as his physical health as the latest bullet hit seems to put him down more than usual.

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Neon Prey Book Review John Sandford
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