Mind Prey Book Review
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Mind Prey – Book Review(John Sandford)

Mind Prey is the seventh book in the Prey series novels written by popular crime-fiction author John Sandford.

Mind Prey Book Review

This Prey novel follows the story of the super-sleuth,  Lucas Davenport, chasing down a psycho who kidnapped a woman and her children.

It is a war of wits and mind games as Lucas Davenport tries to read the killer’s thoughts and save the kidnapped people before they are killed.

Twisted minds

The killer is ruthless and he, no doubt, intends to kill his prey once he is done with them. Lucas shrewdly gets the suspect to reveal a few details about himself and the action is well-paced.

In this book, the author clearly paints the thoughts of a person whose mind is wired wrongly and what jealousy and greediness of a person can do to others.

The psycho is instigated to kidnap and abuse those people by a greedy and callous woman.

Lucas Davenport

In this Prey story, Lucas gathers courage to take the ultimate step to commit himself and goes around just about everywhere with the engagement ring in his pocket. Finally he proposes to Weather and she accepts as expected.

This case takes up most of his time and for good reason. Thankfully, he has his best police instincts about for this twisted case.

The Verdict

I really did not understand the need for excessive violence in this plot. In fact, I did not like the gory violence against women in this story at all, I can not take such mental images.

But I totally understand why the author needed such scenes to enhance the story. Yet, I won’t say this book is a must read. Mind you, it is not a light read.

Also, it has to be mentioned that the author shows how survival instincts kick in into anyone who is in a terrible situation. The way a mother tries to protect her children and her love for them is beautifully described too.

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Mind Prey Book Review: John Sandford's Mind Prey explores the damage to society caused by twisted minds. Read on to know how Lucas Davenport solves this intense crime.
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