Tips to remember names
Tips to remember names. Picture Credit: Pixabay

Memory Tips – Do Not Forget A Name Ever Again

Have you ever forgotten a name when it was absolutely needed and were embarrassed? Well, unsurprisingly, this happens with many of us several times.

Fortunately, there are some very easy tricks to remember a name and associate it with a person. Listed below are the best ways to remember a name. Do not ever forget a name again by taking advantage of these very easy memory hacks!

1.  Pay attention

It is a simple act of listening that gives respect to the person when he speaks, but many of us fail to do this. When the name is spoken, it automatically flies over our head. To avoid it, actually pay attention when a person tell you his name.

2. Associate a prominent feature

Look for any prominent feature in the person’s face that you can easily remember. For example, a small nose, high cheekbone, outward pointing ears, broad forehead etc. Sometimes, associating the name with a known landmarks may also help. (Oh, his name is Taj->great, I can easily remember it as I associate the Taj Mahal with the name)

Tips to remember names


3. Mentally visualize the name

It is proven that seeing the name in your mind in written form helps you remember it for a longtime. Even date of births can be easily remembered this way.

4. Use the name repeatedly

While you are conversing with the person himself or with anyone about the person, use the name frequently. This repetition is a highly effective way to print the name in your RAM (your quick-access info section of your brain ;))

5. Make a conscious effort

Finally it all boils down to this–> you have to consciously want to remember the name.

Try these simple tips and forget your fear of forgetting a name ever again!

Tips to remember names
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