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Masked Prey – Book Review (John Sandford)

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First of all, thanks for waiting this long for my review, friends. This SIP was hard on all of us and I had to take a lot of time off to sort out my priorities. So, here is the review finally.

Masked Prey is the 30th Prey series installment. This is the latest Prey novel as on July 19, 2020.

Lucas Davenport is still in Marshal service and keeps taking up jobs for politicians like Henderson and Porter Smalls. This story takes him on the chase for extremists who want to influence America and its future by targeting politicians’s children.

In typical Davenport style, he figures out who might be responsible for what pretty cleverly and sets a trap for the killer on loose. Lucas has Bob and Rae as his sidekicks this time round and Jane Chase of FBI to help.

Though the intention might not have been the same for the author, I find the title “Masked” Prey pretty amusing, seeing that we are all wearing masks now. Literally! 😉

This novel touches a lot of political happenings which I do not care for to read in a story. All the things people do these days to get attention from others using technology is explored in this plot.

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The killer himself is shown as having feelings after killing people. This is a nice realistic approach to deepen the character. The entire story revolves around a website that was created to invoke major FBI interest and Davenport’s involvement in turn.

While John Sandford’s knowledge of guns was the most used weapon in his older Prey novels, Sandford seems to be proving that he can adapt easily to all the technology that keeps popping up these past few years.

Letty and Sam Davenport are mentioned in the passing in this story. And Lucas has a few face-to-face and phone conversations with his wife Weather. She takes up non-profitable surgery work for good causes now that she feels she need not earn so much money.

Enjoy the read!

Check out Masked Prey (A Prey Novel Book 30) on Amazon now.

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The next book might have Lucas going to Fort Lauderdale with Bob and Rae to look into some mysterious murders of coast-guardsmen there. Hoping to read the next Prey book soon. It is expected to come out in April, 2021.

Update 26/July/2020: John Sandford just announced his next Prey book Ocean Prey would come out on April 20, 2021. Like we expected, the story is about Lucas joining the investigation about the murders of coast-guardsmen. As a bonus, Lucas brings on Virgil Flowers on the team too!

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Masked Prey is the 30th Prey series novel by John Sandford. Check out the latest exploits of Lucas Davenport.
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