Keokee tote with organizer insert review
Keokee tote with organizer insert review

Keokee Tote with Organizer Insert is your answer to relaxed travel with kids

Keokee tote bag is a great tool for sane travel with little ones. Read on to know more about this amazing product from Keokee.

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Keokee tote with organizer insert review

As a family travel blogger, I frequently travel with my young children. This used to be a source of added stress to me as I carry all the things needed for my little ones with me in a single baby bag and make do with it.

If I needed anything like a baby food pouch or a tiny bottle of sanitizer, I would search the entire bag blindly as everything was inevitably mixed.

Travel made stress-free

Not anymore. With my new Keokee Vintage Tote Bag which has an amazing custom organizer insert, my travels have become literally stress-free. I can find anything I might need for the kids on the road in less than a second in this bag.

Keokee tote with organizer insert review - Organizer insert
Tote with organizer insert

Organizer Insert

The insert that comes with Keokee tote literally saves our sanity by keeping things neatly organized and easy to see. You can store your documents, purse and other things separately. The documents do not get wrinkled up and your purse will not spill out it contents. Everything is nicely in the pocket it is stored.

Keokee tote with organizer insert review - travel with kids made easy
Keokee tote for traveling

I usually carry lollipops for the kids and as they are small, they get easily lost in the backpack. But with this tote, I keep them inserted in a separate slot that I can find as soon as I look into the Keokee tote!

Heavy Duty Tote Bag

The Keokee tote bag is heavy duty and yet does not have that utilitarian look. It comes in very handy to hold all the things you need on the go and yet does not look bulging or uninviting. In fact the bag looks rugged and stylish.


This tote has a zipper pocket on one side to store keys and such items. I store diapers, baby food pouches, sanitizer, baby wipes, moisturizer, pen, mobile phone, a few documents, my purse, extra clothes for the kids, lollipops and other snacks and more in my Keokee tote bag.

So much goes into this bag and I can find every single thing within a second. Amazing, isn’t it? I find it pretty cool that this tote is designed for maximum storage and yet it is comfortable and most importantly durable. It carries everything perfectly.

Keokee tote with organizer insert review - stylish look
Cool look

Other Keokee Gear

Keokee has more travel gear other than this super cool tote bag. All their products like the travel bottles, clear cosmetic cases and clear toiletry bags are also very useful. Clearly Keokee seems to be aiming at making travelers lives easy!

Travel bottles
TSA-compliant clear toiletry bag

The Verdict

I am in love with my Keokee Vintage Tote Bag and am raring to go on even more trips as the stress is removed from my packing! I highly recommend that you get this tote too for your travels if you are looking for a bag to make your travel organized and stress-free!

A Cool Offer

A cool deal for my readers sponsored by Keokee:-

You get 35% off when you purchase this Tote bag directly through their website and use the code 35%offToteDeal. This offer is good till February 28, 2018 or until stocks last. Hurry!

After this date, you can of course get Keokee Vintage Tote Bag with Custom Fit Insert Organizer even on Amazon.

Happy travels!

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Keokee tote with organizer insert is a cool tote bag for stress-free travel. Organized bag for sane travel.
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*Note: Keokee has graciously provided me with this tote along with its custom organizer insert for review. As usual, all opinions and pictures are my own.

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  1. I love how spacious and organized this tote bag is. It might not look like much at first glance, but for people who really need to optimize the space inside their bag this is golden!

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