Inspirational women
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Inspirational Women!

Queen Cleopatra was a powerful ruler of Egypt, Rani Lakshmibai ruled the princely state of Jhansi defying the British regime. Get where I am going with this? 😉

Inspirational women

Helen Keller achieved success in life even without the most basic senses (sight and hearing) that we take for granted. Helen never fails to lift my spirits up when I need the inspiration!

Rani Lakshmibai, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, Harriet Beecher Stowe and countless others continue to give inspiration to many even now.

Inspirational women
Extreme limitations and boundaries/Credit: Pixabay

Extreme bias

Women faced extreme bias in the past and the bias continues even today to some extent. Treated as objects at times, women have smashed all barriers to show their true strength.

Though women were expected to be confined to the kitchens, they have proven their mettle beyond doubt, by conquering the world through their remarkable lives.

Inspirational women
Left in the shadows in the past/Credit: Pixabay

Second-class citizens

Even though faced with seemingly insurmountable barriers on all fronts, social, financial, racial and gender bias, these women have broken all those shackles and emerged successful while creating history in the process. Women have proven beyond doubt that they are not second-class citizens and are equals.

Solo traveler
Solo traveler/Credit: Pixabay

Modern day woman

Now we have women working in all fields including extremely male-dominated ones like piloting an aircraft. We have women traveling solo to different parts of the world, volunteering for various causes and contributing to the welfare of humanity.

More and more women are finding their voice and becoming independent. This is surely what we want as a society. Because, when a woman is happy, the family is happy. When the family is happy, their neighbors, their town, their county will be a happier place. This is a philosophy I truly believe in.

Supportive men

At present, many men have become cognizant of women’s struggles and are supporting women in all aspects. I would say they are raised by great women. Don’t you agree? I find this scenario highly desirable and admirable.

Even so, some situations do exist where women are all alone and are left to fend for themselves and even their children at times. These women without losing their spirit, show what they are made of to the world. They lead excellent and fulfilling lives.

Many ladies who sacrifice their career to stay-at-home and care for their children while their partners work, are no less. They are even more inspirational to me.

Inspirational women

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Without doubt, it is truly a daunting task juggling jobs and taking care of the household. These women are truly inspirational and motivate us to face any challenge head-on.

Read on to know more about some of these great women from our past in my book, Women Empowerment Stories: Ten short biographies that will inspire you and get inspired now!

Inspirational women
Inspirational women

Hope to see a female president soon in the world’s most powerful nation. The day is near. What do you say?

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