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Humor On Board Train Travel In India

Here is a funny incident that happened in one of my train journeys in India ๐Ÿ™‚


One day, I was traveling from Coimbatore to Hyderabad on Sabari express. My berth was the middle one and I was sitting opposite to a queer-looking person.

(Till the end of the journey, none of us in the compartment were able to conclude if he was completely nuts or if he was just actingย  that way for fun.)

Coming to the point…, this person plugged in his iPod, put on the ear phones, and grinned/giggled non-stop from the beginning of our train journey. Let’s call him Mr.Fun, shall we? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The person beside Mr.Fun, asked him if he was listening to any jokes which may explain his giggles, but Mr.Fun said that he was only listening to songs!! :O

Humor on board - A funny incident on my train journey that is sure to tickle your funny bone
Mr. Fun

My bottle, your bottle, what’s the point?

After sometime, I was having water from my bottle and he asked me for some water. Even though I noted that he bought a water bottle in the train just a few minutes back, I handed him my bottle. Figured it won’t do any harm in giving him some water.

I never expected that Mr.Fun would drain out even the last sip from my almost-full water bottle. I asked him why he did that since he had a bottle for himself at his side. He replied, “What’s your problem?”!

I was upset, shocked and speechless at Mr.Fun’s ungrateful comment and sat back silently. Then I tried to ignore him for the rest of the journey.

The journey was for 22 hours which made my mission to ignore Mr.Fun seem very difficult, but I kept at it as much as I could.

Humor on board - A funny incident on my train journey that is sure to tickle your funny bone
Meal-time surprise

Food for all

At night, when we were all having dinner in the compartment, Mr.Fun suddenly put his hand in the plate of the lady who was sitting next to me. She was eating with her husband and then this strange person took a handful from their food out of the blue!

Immediately Mr.Fun went to wash his hands and came back. The couple was as shocked as I was and we wondered what this strange guy would do next!

After having food, I was lying down on the middle berth and reading a book. I noticed that Mr.Fun was staring at me from the opposite berth. I saw what he was doing from the corner of my eye and turned towards the compartment wall and continued my reading.

Getting personal

Suddenly, Mr.Fun started asking me personal questions. I behaved as if I could not hear him in the usual train chaos.

Then he increased his pitch and almost shouted “Hello, I am asking you only madam, ‘What’s your name’? ‘Hello, the girl readingย  the blue covered book’!”

At this I lost my already ebbing patience and turned to face him and give a piece of my mind.


Humor on board - A funny incident on my train journey that is sure to tickle your funny bone
Minding my own business, but never left alone!

I asked Mr.Fun why it matters to him what my name was. He did not reply to that, but he told me his name, where he worked and some more details of him.

I stared at him without saying anything. Mr.Fun finally gave up, turned back and slept. I could not have even a wink of sleep that night as I was so afraid of what he might do if I was not careful.

Too close for comfort

The next day, still on train, I went to the next compartment and sat there to avoid this guy. But Mr.Fun not only followed me there, he squeezed in right next to me.

Finding only one way to escape him, I went and sat beside three people on a berth where there was almost no free space and so evaded him.

As soon as the train arrived at my destination, I jumped out of the compartment and left without looking back.

Humor in retrospect

Looking back on the incident after a few years, I find it very hilarious. It sure was the strangest train ride I ever took. All in all, it was an interesting journey. I would never forget it ๐Ÿ˜€

What about you? Hit the comments and share your funny experiences too!!

Humor on board - A funny incident on my train journey that is sure to tickle your funny bone!
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  1. This is one of those incidents, which seems funny later on but going through it is very stressful.
    It reminded me when we got struck at a railway station in the middle of the night. I & my friend were traveling from Jodhpur to Delhi by 10.30 PM train but when looked for our boogie we realized by mistake she booked a ticket for 2nd January instead of 1st Jan. We could not board the train and while standing on the platform a strange drunk guy came to us. He started asking questions, somehow we managed to shoo away. Then we struggled to get a retiring room for the night. It was very disturbing in cold winter night. But when I remember that incident, it sounds so funny. Moreover, I check my ticket more than twice.I think it’s a good idea to write a post about it ๐Ÿ™‚ You inspired me.

  2. You do certainly meet some strange people traveling! And when you are stuck with them for a long period of time it can make for a interesting experience, and a good blog post ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Wow, Mr Fun sounds a bit scary to be honest… I’m not sure what I would do if someone put their hand in my food! I’ve had some adventures on my train journeys around India, many fun, some not-so-fun! Worst was when I got assigned lower bunk (big mistake) and I woke up in the middle of the night to find the guy opposite me staring at me and erm… pleasuring himself. And on a separate occasion I spent the night at Jaisalmer station waiting for my 10 hours late train to Delhi :-D. For a traveller they are great stories to tell, but my heart goes out to those who have to deal with the trains every day!

  4. How bizarre! Mr Fun or Mr Creep? Always crazy the characters you come across on travels, some totally harmless but like you said, some you want to keep an eye open at night for just incase…

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