Homemade ghee

How to make Ghee at home

Making ghee at home is an easy and economical option for enjoying this healthy fat. Let me tell you more about this wonderful cooking fat that has great medicinal value.


Ghee is simply clarified butter. It is used as a special ingredient to render heavenly taste to many Indian sweets and desserts.

Also, ghee is also used as a tasty addition to serve with rice and dal in South Indian lunches. There are many more uses for ghee in Indian households not forgetting the fact that it has healthy fats.

Homemade ghee
Homemade ghee

It is a known fact that ghee bought from stores is expensive, so we sometimes make do without it. But it need not be that way.

Make ghee at home

Making ghee from butter at home is a great money-saving alternative. It is really quite simple and also eliminates preservatives as a bonus.

This process gives you a great tasting, chemical-free ghee at a very low cost compared to store-bought ghee.

As I mentioned earlier, ghee is nothing but clarified butter. You can buy any of your favorite brand’s unsalted butter and follow the below simple process.

My favorite brand for butter is Amul, the taste of India 😉 But if you can make butter from your milk cream at home, it is even better!

Here is the step by step procedure of making ghee from butter.


1. Take 500 grams(about 17 oz or 1.1 lbs) of unsalted butter and cut the butter into small cubes.

2. Place the cubes in a deep-bottomed pan and heat it on a stove top till all the butter melts.

3. Now reduce the flame to a simmer and let the butter boil for about 10 minutes.

ghee making
Foams in the beginning

4. You will notice that in the beginning it foams and then bubbles.

ghee making
Bubbles up

5. Later, after about 7 more minutes, it foams up again. At this stage, you should switch off the stove.

ghee making
Foams for the second time

6. Let the liquid cool for a few minutes and Ghee is ready.

7. You will see that it is a clear golden liquid with red deposits at the sides and bottom of the pan.

Homemade ghee
Clear golden ghee with red deposits
Homemade ghee-leftover red deposits
Red deposits at bottom

8. Filter the ghee using a mesh and store it in a clean jar. Dispose of the red deposits left in the pan.

Homemade ghee
Golden ghee

9. You can store the ghee in your refrigerator for it to stay fresh for longer time.

10. Usually, you can leave it at room temperature for even a month.

Hope you have a tasty meal with home-made ghee and enjoy 🙂

Simple method of making ghee at home from butter. Easy and economical alternative to store-bought ghee!
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Note: If you make  very less quantity, take care not to burn the ghee as it will be ready in 2 or 3 minutes.

When we are abroad, I use Costco butter and use 4 sticks at a time for one bottle of ghee shown here.

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