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How to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Environment

*This is a guest post by Marina.

Many of us spend a lot of time inside due to our jobs, and since the pandemic, more and more people have stopped spending time outside. 

However, spending time outside has many benefits, so it’s something you should try to do regularly. And if you have a yard or patio, then there’s no excuse! You don’t need to pack your things and go hiking; you simply need to step outside your front door.

Of course, you are much more likely to do this when you have an inviting environment outside, which is why we’ve put together a few tips on how you can create a relaxing outdoor environment.

Find some seating 

While sitting on grass or pavement may be tolerable for short periods of time, it definitely won’t make you want to spend more time outside. So, to create a relaxing and comfortable outdoor environment, you need to start by finding some seating.

If you are on a tight budget, you can just use some plastic chairs and place pillows on them for added comfort. Alternatively, if you want the space to be aesthetic as well as relaxing, you should look into contemporary chaise lounge chairs to see if they would be a good seating option for your outdoor environment. 

Keep the bugs away

There’s nothing more annoying than being in a fully relaxed state when suddenly, a bug lands on your face. Unfortunately, bugs are quite common in the great outdoors (and yes, that includes your backyard). This may be why so many people are afraid to go outside. While you may likely always need to deal with bugs if you spend a lot of time outside, there are a few ways that you keep them away.

So, if you don’t think you’ll ever get used to bugs being close to you, you might want to consider giving this post a read, as it discusses chemical-free ways of keeping bugs away. 

Get some light

Sometimes, it’s simply too hot to spend any time outside during the day, in which case, you should consider spending time outside at night. 

Of course, this isn’t practical if you don’t have proper lighting outside, so if you’re serious about creating a relaxing outdoor environment, you should look into having some type of lighting installed. If you don’t want to go through the trouble with electrical wiring, look into other options such as battery-powered fairy lights or even solar-powered lights. This will also make it much easier for you to entertain people outside.

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Make sure there’s shade

As mentioned, it can be very hot outside during the day, but even on days when it’s not scorching, it’s still not a good idea to spend hours in direct sunlight. 

That’s why you should make sure that you have some shade outside. If you don’t have any trees big enough to provide adequate shade, you can always look into getting umbrellas or some other type of artificial shade. And remember, even if you are in the shade, you should still wear sunscreen. It’s a good idea to buy a big batch of sunscreen so that you have some on hand whenever necessary – whether you’re spending time outside at home, going to the beach, or going camping with kids

Add a water feature

Finally, if your true goal with your outside environment is to relax, water is the way to go. Any type of water will help you reconnect with nature, and the peaceful sounds will help to drown out the noise of your everyday life. 

Water features are a popular option, but you could also look into installing a small pond or fountain. This might be a pricey option, but it will help to give you the truly relaxed feeling you are looking for, so it’s certainly something to look into.

In conclusion 

Spending time outside is something that most of us need to do more of, and you may be surprised at what a positive influence this will have on your life.

It’s much easier to spend time outside when you have a good environment to do it in, which is why it can be so helpful to create a peaceful and relaxing outdoor environment. Hopefully, this post gave you some ideas on how you can achieve that, but remember that everyone is different, so you may need to play around with different strategies to find what works best for you. Once you’ve found the right setup, you may never want to leave!

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