Ping pong as a stress buster
Ping pong as a stress buster

How Ping Pong Can Relieve Stress During a Busy Writing Day

Ping pong can relieve stress for writers

Whether you work as a writer or you do it out of passion, it is an activity that can take its toll on you. You may feel drained of energy and ideas. Fatigue may be your daily companion. You may even experience pain in the back, hands, eyes, and even the head. This doesn’t sound like an ideal life, does it?

Honestly, when I envision life as a writer, I imagine a small house by the lake, surrounded by mountains and dark-green forests. There is silence all around and you can breathe the strong, fresh air while your fingers dance on the keyboard creating new worlds and universes.

Ping pong as a stress buster for writers
Ping pong as a stress buster for writers

So, when reality hits, and you are writing in an apartment in the city or you sit all day long in a cubicle, how do you cope? I would recommend a hobby that keeps you active, like ping pong.     

The Benefits of Ping Pong

First, table tennis can be both an indoor and an outdoor sport. It only depends on the type of table you choose, and BestPingPongTables told us you can even have one that works in both environments. Now, if you truly want to relax and have space, I would recommend playing outside. The fresh air does a fantastic job on the brain.

Now that you know where you’ll play, I must emphasize the fact that this is a fantastic aerobic exercise. Whether you play it as a beginner or a veteran, ping pong will get your heart racing and it will make you sweat!

This is good news for those stiff joints you get from sitting and typing all day long. It also gets the blood moving and the metabolism racing, and the result is a better circulatory system.

But aerobic exercise is a fantastic activity for the brain too. It was proven that it stimulates memory and focus while making the brain sharper.

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Also, specific to ping pong, your hand-eye coordination will improve, and the hand muscles will be more toned (keeping any Carpal Tunnel symptoms away).  

Other benefits include:

  • Improved reflexes: Writers don’t get to work too much on their reflexes, and this can translate in small awkwardness when dealing with the real world.
  • It is a social outlet: You can join a group of players and even play at a professional level as part of a team. But you also have the chance to meet other people while playing outdoors or joining a local club.
  • Improved balance: Players have to move fast from one point to another while keeping the eye on the ball. As a result, the sense of balance will get stronger because you can’t always rely on sight.
  • Easy on the joints: Since it is a no-contact sport, you don’t run the risk of bruising an elbow or breaking an arm.

In Conclusion

As you can see, table tennis can help writers more than any other sport (except for yoga, maybe) and it keeps both the mind and the body active. But this is not the only way to relax!

Take a vacation now and then and enjoy time away from work. A good idea is to pack up the kids and head to Hawaii – believe me, you will love it! Your mind will receive a well-deserved break, while all your sense will tingle at the beauty that lays in front of your eyes!

Of course, there are other destinations in the world, and you should seize the moment. You’ll see that the quality of your writing will improve with each new experience you try!

About the author

This article is written by Michael. Mike is an American writer of table game sports.

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  1. I personally love ping pong and think it is a great stress reliever or it could get pretty intense depending on who you’re playing with!

  2. Can I just say that your opening really spoke to me? As I sit here looking for inspiration to write after a long day of work in a cubicle, I can picture the mountains you spoke of and know that exact feeling of “Well, this isn’t what I thought it would be.” Great suggestion though for finding an activity that is active, social and improves health. I will need to look for something that requires a bit less coordination, but the principles still correlate. Thank you!

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