Book Review of Golden Prey by John Sandford. The latest of the Prey series from Sandford's treasure chest, Golden Prey delivers value in every single page! Check out the review to know more.
Golden Prey - Book Review

Golden Prey – Book Review (John Sandford)

John Sandford kills it with the 27th installment in his Prey series, Golden Prey. You will literally gobble up the entire book in one sitting!

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Golden Prey Book Review

Lucas Davenport, is now working as a politically appointed federal marshal. He, being himself, never listens to anyone, does not care for superiors, and picks and chooses his own tasks.

This plot is very interesting where Lucas tries to outsmart a federal fugitive who is clever enough to remain in hiding for a very long time.

The Plot

A recent cartel money theft cases catches the fancy of Lucas Davenport and our anti-hero, Garvin Poole, and his girlfriend Pandora Box (funny names throughout the book ;)) are the unfortunate targets of Lucas’s determined hunt.

Lucas enjoys his hunting as usual and chases down Poole and his associates in a very thrilling way.

Cartel-appointed, highly remorseless killers add to the complexity of the chase and this becomes a cat and mouse game.

The entire plot revolves around technology and cell phones as pointed out by Lucas Davenport at the end of the chase.

The Verdict

I can not spoil the book for you, but I can say this: Golden Prey is definitely a hit in the Prey series. A keeper!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as much as I enjoyed reading the very first book in the Prey series, Rules of Prey and the 10th book, Certain Prey, which are the best books in the series according to me.

It was a very eager long wait for Golden Prey, but now I am even more eager for the next Prey book from John Sandford’s stash, if that is anything like this one!

Even if you are new to John Sandford’s Prey series, if you enjoy reading outstanding crime thrillers, Golden Prey is definitely for you. Pick this book and you will never regret it.

Buy it now on Amazon available as Golden Prey(A Prey Novel).

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**The next book in the series is Twisted Prey. It has Lucas Davenport mostly working out of Washington.**

Twisted Prey (A Prey Novel) was released on April 24, 2018.

For the complete list of Sandford’s Prey series books, check my post List Of Prey Series Books.

I still love the first book the most. Rules of Prey, check it out and I guarantee that you will get hooked too!

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  1. I haven’t read the Prey series but with your review of this book and the previous book in the series, I am sure I am going to pick them up and read them 🙂

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