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Golden Gate Morning – Book Review (Mary Vaughn Armstrong)

Golden gate morning

Golden gate morning

Mary Vaughn Armstrong is one of the first authors I have read when I started reading non-academic books.

And her book Golden Gate Morning(1992) was a strong factor that enhanced my love for books and travel.

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Golden Gate Morning Book Review

Kris Carothers is the protagonist of this story and she is the nurse manager at a top San Francisco hospital. Her specialty ward is pediatrics, where Doctor Garth Endicott also works with the children.

Garth is smart, handsome and super confident. He is everything a woman craves for and obviously our heroine is drawn to him too. But she is limited by her own sense of inferiority rising from her social status.

Kris is from the poor side of the town, while Garth Endicott belongs to one of the richest families in the city. Thus ensues the romantic chase between these two lead characters.

What’s more, Garth is more than interested in  Kris Carothers, but his pursuit for her is blocked at every step by other beautiful women in his life who are jealous of his interest in Kris, understandably.

The faith Kris shows in the face of turmoil is great and the characters are very well developed. This is indeed a beautiful Christian romance which highlights the importance of God’s word in our everyday lives.

I especially loved the scene where a glorious sunrise is enjoyed from the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. The author does a great job of intertwining the city into the story by including local haunts and landmarks.

Also, this is the first book that inspired travel in me and San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge became my obsession.

I finally visited this amazing spot and walked the bridge recently. It was simply magical!

The Verdict

This book is a must read for romance lovers and am sure you will not want this book to end 🙂

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