Extreme Prey by John Sandford
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Extreme Prey – Book Review(John Sandford)

Extreme Prey is the 26th novel in the thrilling crime series novels, the Prey series written by John Sandford.

Extreme Prey Book Review

This Prey story has Lucas Davenport in an extreme plot. He chases bad guys who plan to assassinate a political candidate running for the upcoming election.

Lucas is freshly out of the BCA, but at the summons of governor Henderson, accepts a new case even without any official capacity.

Elmer Henderson requests Lucas to look into a possible attempt on the life of a Iowa candidate in race with him in the elections.

Though he does not have a badge, Lucas Davenport gets help from his loyal friends Kidd, Elle Kruger among others to solve the case.

The Plot

A mother and son from a farming family are disillusioned  with the system. They want to change how America runs and plan to kill a candidate to give chance to Henderson to become President.

They believe Henderson understands how to care for the people on the  lowest rung of the societal ladder. That is because he is from a farming family himself.

In a time-bound race to catch the bad guys, Lucas Davenport is totally consumed. He uses his sharp instincts and hunter’s sense to solve the case.

The Verdict

Extreme Prey plot is thrilling enough, though at times gets boring with the politician’s views discussed. The climax chase is very interesting and leaves the reader wanting to read more from the author.

At the end Lucas is offered a federal job to his great pleasure and of course the reader is happy too.

Buy it now, available as Extreme Prey (A Prey Novel).

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Extreme Prey by John Sandford - Book Review
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