Tips to drive a car in India
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How to drive a car in India: Driving lesson basics for absolute beginners

Last November, I took driving lessons for a four-wheeler with gear from a local driving school in India. The instructor expected me to do a lot of things correctly from the Day 1. I was totally new to driving a car.

Car driving lessons in India
Car driving lessons in India

I never knew some of the below things before I took the driving classes. And in those initial classes, I used to wonder how the instructor expected me to know all these things.

Looking back I feel that because the instructor gives lessons to so many students, she may forget that I do not even know the basics. So, on my part I should have done some homework and learnt the basics at the least so as not to make a total fool of myself in the actual driving lessons.

Mistakes like hitting the brake too hard in the middle of the busy road which can stop the vehicle completely and hearing so many horns behind you will not happen if you know these things beforehand. So, here you go.

Driving lesson basics to drive a car with gear in India for absolute beginners

Here are the lessons taken every day:-

As soon as you get in the driver’s seat of the car, wear your seat belt and switch on the ignition to start the car. Find and remember where the brake, clutch and accelerator are. Then find the gears, indicators and horn.

Remember that clutch acts with spring principle. You have to slowly release the clutch.

You can change gears only when you press the clutch fully.

The instructor has another set of brake and clutch, so don’t worry about anything. Relax and learn.

Follow these steps.

1st step: Ensure the gear is in neutral when you get into the vehicle.

2nd step: To move forward, press clutch fully with your left foot, change to first gear, slowly release clutch and with your right ‘toe’ press the accelerator slightly.

3rd step: Keep vehicle steady, steady hands on the steering wheel and move forward.

4th step: To go left or right, first flip the indicator for the direction you are going and turn the steering wheel slowly in that direction.

5th step: To slow down at speed bumps and junctions, remove your right toe from the accelerator and press full clutch and then touch brake gently.

6th step: To stop the vehicle, put on the left indicator, apply light brake and full clutch. Pull over to the side of the road while watching out for other vehicles in the side mirrors. Steady the vehicle and apply full brake.

Dead slow: To get the vehicle to a dead slow, apply light brake + full clutch. Useful for busy areas and speed bumps.

Don’t remove foot from clutch suddenly or the vehicle will switch off.

Don’t remove hand brake before your vehicle starts.

When will the vehicle switch off in running? Answer: When you apply full brake. Or suddenly release the clutch.

Applying gears: To apply any gear, you should press clutch fully.

  1. Full clutch + first gear to start moving the vehicle inching forward.
  2. To increase speed, move to second gear after one minute of moving the vehicle in first gear.
  3. Then apply 3rd gear for more speed. Further speed requires you to move to next gears as needed.

I hope these tips will help you take your lessons smoothly. All the best for getting your driving license.

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Car driving tips for beginners.
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