Con Law Book Review
Con Law Book Review. Picture Credit: Pixabay

Con Law – Book Review (Mark Gimenez)

No, it is not Law dealing with Cons like in Con Air ūüėČ

Con Law is Law school abbreviation for ‘Constitutional Law’, a Law course subject.

Con Law Book Review

Mark Gimenez’s Con Law (2013) has a macho professor, who teaches that subject at the UT, as its protagonist.

The hero is not an average teacher giving lectures to his students only pertaining to the academics. Professor John Bookman is a man of the real world.

Bookman a.k.a Book teaches at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin. Book receives numerous letters seeking his legal help on some cases where justice seems impossible for the victims.

This quaint Professor takes on interns every year and sets out to solve any case he finds amusing or touching enough for the underdog with the help of his current intern.

Indiana Jones Vibe

This year, Book sets out on another adventure taking his new intern and his Harley. He is like Indiana Jones, albeit he does not search for archaeological artifacts, but seeks out justice in lost cases.

This novel dwells in the world of “fracking”, a term used by oil businessmen about extracting oil from gaps in rocks.

According to this article on BBC, Fracking  is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. And this process is dangerous to the environment.

Professor Book goes out of his way to save the world once again!

Bookman is thirty-five years old, handsome and unmarried. But he has some hereditary illness that keeps him from long term commitments too.

This tragic side of the hero makes us sympathize even more with him and also makes us think the way a man with only a few years to live thinks.

The Verdict

This novel is interesting enough without dwelling entirely on courtroom drama like other legal thrillers.

Also, Gimenez does not lecture  the reader about social evils again. So, it is a good read.

Pick it up on a lazy evening and enjoy!

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Con Law is a legal thriller from Mark Gimenez that does not bore you with the courts but delivers straight up action full-time!
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