Certain Prey Book Review - John Sandford's Certain Prey is an intense crime thriller with the mysterious Clara Rinker as the main character wreaking havoc in the city of Minnesota. Read on to know if Lucas Davenport is able to capture her or not. Definitely a great read for crime-fiction lovers!
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Certain Prey – Book Review

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Certain Prey is the tenth book in the Prey Series novels written by crime-fiction author John Sandford.

This is the first book in the Prey novels series that I have chanced to lay my hands on. And after reading it, there was no turning back. I hunted down all the books in the series and bought them. I hope Sandford continues to deliver more of such excellent books.

It is very thrilling to dwell in the world of Lucas Davenport, a super-smart, handsome, cunning, passionate cop, who thinks with all his faculties.

Certain Prey Book Review

In Certain Prey, Lucas Davenport traces the “untraceable” Clara Rinker, a professional hit-woman, with whom he has a brief fantasy. She is smart, cold, executes perfect close range shots with her hand gun and, is hard to find.

Clara Rinker, a powerful opponent

Clara Rinker took to professional hit jobs after a personal revenge killing. She is a everyday girl-next-door kind of character, until you get to see her other side. Loyal to her friends, she is feared by her enemies.

It was very interesting to see Lucas and Clara clash with each other in Minneapolis, two strong characters fighting to outwit each other. If it was not for the unnecessary killing of a woman, whose husband was the object of fascination for the person who hired Clara, she would have not been found at all.

Lucas and co, the cool hunters

In this story, Lucas Davenport and Marcy Sherrill are in the awkward phase of working together after breaking up. There is no mention of Weather Karkinnen in the book.

But Lucas  is shown to have finally overcome the depression that he was in after Weather leaves him due to a terrible hostage situation she faces in Sudden Prey.

The Verdict

This is definitely a book one cannot put down once started. A great thriller. I really wished Davenport does not get Rinker.

Lucas traces Clara Rinker to her beloved place back in Wichita. And forces her to leave her one true haven. Then understandably, she disappears.

Clara Rinker reappears in Mortal Prey where the war of wits starts again.

Buy it on Amazon now and start reading Certain Prey (A Prey Novel).

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