Useful Gift ideas for travel lovers
Useful Gift ideas for travel lovers

Best useful gift ideas for travelers that they actually like!

Gift ideas for travelers

Here are some of the best gift useful ideas for travelers that are actually loved and used. If you love traveling like me, you would be tempted to gift all of these practical gifts to yourself 😀

And if you are a frequent traveler, there is a good chance that you already own some of these wonderful things that make our travels and lives easy.

gift ideas for travelers
Gift ideas for travelers

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1. Backpack organizer

If you have been on a trip with just a backpack, you would know how important it is to have it organized. Trust me, you don’t want to keep searching for things from inside of the pack all the time.

An organizer insert comes in very handy to keep things just where you keep them and easy to find.

This Felt Backpack Organizer Insert is extremely useful.

2. Lightweight backpack

A backpack, the most essential traveler item, should cater to two main requirements. It should be the right fit to carry all the travel necessities and be light to carry. This Tortuga expandable lightweight backpack satisfies both criteria and is a wonderful gift to your traveler friends. It is an expandable, lightweight travel backpack that helps fit all the travel essentials and saves on excess-baggage fees in airports. Choose a backpack with the right size that provides convenience, comfort, and longevity.

Photo Credit: Dana Franklin/Tortuga

3. Universal Adapter

This is a very practical gift for travelers as an Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter would come in extremely handy to charge your devices in any country.

4. Compass

A waterproof Sighting Compass that is shake-proof is a very essential tool when a traveler goes hiking into the woods or any place that does not have phone coverage. This army green compass comes with a carrying bag too.

5. Dry Bag

A dry bag comes in super handy when we visit a beach or enjoy a place with a lot of water around. This dry bag helps keep our things dry and safe.

Sailing, kayaking, swimming, rafting, any such water activity can be done even when you don’t have someone to keep them dry for you out of the water.

So, all electronics, important documents and money can be saved from getting wet when you use a Waterproof Dry Bag.

6. Travel Scrapbook

Every travelers would love this scrapbook to capture their memories beautifully. Check out these amazing leather scrapbooks.

This Zoview Handmade Travel Scrapbook is below $15 and amazing.

This Leather Scrapbook Travel Journal is a under $20 travel scrapbook that is an absolute treasure.

7. Scratch-off Maps

This is the most exciting gift for a traveler because they float on cloud nine when they scratch off their travel conquests from the map. Cover the world slowly and enjoyably. Get a coin and scratch off that part of the world to show off to your friends.

Landmass Goods makes these awesome travel travel maps. Do check them out. They have many versions of map products. I got this Scratch Off Map for myself 🙂

Travel tracker map scratch off map from Landmass goods
Travel Tracker Scratch-off Map

They have other cool maps like the Map of USA with National Parks and other interesting travel products.

8. World Atlas

A world atlas would make a traveler extremely happy not to mention its great use to look up any place without your electronic devices! Any doubts? 😉 This New Concise World Atlas is very interesting.

9. Spill-proof Water bottle

This Contigo Spill-proof Water Bottle is very useful on the road to stay hydrated.
And this Contigo THERMALOCK Steel Water Bottle is awesome for hot liquids.

10. Travel Pillow

This pure memory foam Neck Pillow comes with an airplane travel kit, ear plugs and eye mask. What more can one ask for a great journey?

11. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a good way to keep your luggage organized. Try these PRO Packing Cubes.

12. Passport holder

A travel wallet helps you keep all your important documents at one place and easy to keep with you on your person so that they are safe at all times. This Zoppen RFID Travel Wallet & Documents Organizer Zipper is very useful.

13. Power bank

A power bank helps you charge your devices on the go even when you don’t have access to a power plug sometimes. Great for emergency battery time. Try this durable Power Bank with Flashlight that works for almost all electronic devices you might own including an iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy tabs.

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14. Dry Lotion Bar

Travel is easy when you have spill-proof lotion, right? Thankfully we have great products like this Beesilk Hard Lotion bar to help us out with our dry skin. They come in cute hard cases and simply melt at your touch making it easy to apply and perfect to save for travel.

Hard Lotion bar

Check out MadeOn Skin Care Products for more useful products for travel.

Madeon skincare products

So, what are you waiting for? If your traveler friend’s birthday is coming up, you know just what to gift for the occasion 🙂

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Useful gifts for travelers. Gift ideas that are really loved by travelers.
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Useful gifts for your friends who love traveling. These gift ideas are super practical and would definitely be used appreciatively.
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  1. The scratch off map is something I have been wanting for AGES! And the dry bag is always a great gift for anyone who sails, I use mine frequently!

  2. This may be the best list I’ve seen so far for travellers! I want a universal adapter so bad – so convenient to have as well! I’m also eyeing those packing cubes [as I’ve heard they make all the difference], and that power bank. I may have to casually send this post to the fam haha 🙂

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