About Me

Hi there, welcome to my blog!

I am so glad you are here 🙂

If you have come to this page to ‘Hire me‘, please drop an email at gloriousunrise@gmail.com or check my Contact and Work details here.

I am a passionate traveler with an unquenchable penchant for writing (sounds fancy, huh :D) I worked in the software industry for more than 8 years before leaving it to take up full-time writing.

Though I enjoyed coding and developing stuff, my heart was really not in that. I was always dreaming about traveling all over the world even when I was a small girl. My mom used to call me a globe-trotter 🙂 Finally I got to taking up travel, writing and blogging as my full-time mission!

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I offer freelance writing services (all writing jobs like blog posts, guest posts, ghost-writing, ebooks, product/hotel/tour reviews). I do travel planning too. All this started when my friends started asking me about the places I have been to, how to get there and such stuff.

I also love writing fiction novels in the fantasy genre and chronicling my travels. Yet to finish my first fiction book though, as I am trying to make it super-cool…been there, right? 😛

My published works include Sydney on a Low Budget which is loaded with tons of tips and hacks to optimize a shoestring budget when you backpack in Sydney. My book is consistently in the Top 100 books in Australia travel on Amazon 🙂

Another book by me currently available on Amazon is the Women Empowerment Stories: Ten short biographies that will inspire you! More books are on the way to be published.

I have authored travel posts for a few travel websites as a guest. Currently I am writing a book with helpful pointers for first-time mothers based on my experiences.

I juggle taking care of my kids and writing which would not have been possible without my awesome supportive husband, Ashok. He even shares my passion for travel 🙂 What more can a girl ask for??! 😉

My parents, family and friends are my pillars! I am lucky to have so many wonderful people around me.

I would love to help you out with any questions you have, travel or otherwise. Please drop an email to me.

See you around!



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