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8 Ways to Improve Your Morning Coffee

*This is a guest post by Michael.

Most of us see our morning coffee as something that we need to kick-start our days. We feel like we don’t function properly until we’ve had a caffeine hit. But sometimes, we don’t savor the experience. We often grab a coffee from a cart on the way to work or quickly pour an instant coffee into a travel mug to drink on the commute.

We see this little cup of coffee as an essential, without which we can’t function for the rest of the day, and yet we rush it. If your morning coffee is that important, it’s only right that you should let yourself take pleasure in the taste and experience, as well as the energy boost it offers.

Here’s a look at eight ways that you can improve your morning coffee. 

1. Think About Your Needs

If you’re not a morning person, your priority first thing might be a cup of very strong coffee to boost your energy and kick-start your day. On the other hand, if you’ve already been out for a morning jog, something sweet might be the comforting treat that you need to reward yourself. Try to match the kind of coffee that you drink in the morning to what you want from it. 

If you want to enjoy that morning drink, you should also think about what else you need to do it. Do you need more time, so that you don’t have to rush? A more comfortable seat? A lighter breakfast so that you don’t feel sluggish? Look at your morning routine as a whole and try to make some improvements. 

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2. Get the Brew Right

Different kinds of coffee need different ratios of water to espresso, different amounts of milk, different brew times, and even different drink ware. If you want

to make your morning coffee better, it makes sense to first get some advice from Cup & Bean on how to brew the perfect coffee with the correct water to coffee ratio. While water to coffee ratio is incredibly important when it comes to getting your morning brew just right, Cup & Bean have plenty of other tips and advice to help too. 

3. Use Your Favorite Drink ware

Food and drinks taste different, but so do materials. If you eat from a silver spoon it won’t taste exactly the same as it would from stainless steel. Your favorite mug or cup should be one that you love because it looks good, it’s just the right weight, and the handle is the right shape for your hand, but it should also enhance the flavor of your drinks. 

4. Find a Comfortable Seat

Whether you drink your coffee in the kitchen, at a dining table, or on the sofa, make sure you are comfortable. If you aren’t, look to other areas of your home instead. 

5. Avoid Your Phone

Our phones do a lot of good, but they can also stress us out. You won’t enjoy your coffee if social media has most of your attention, or if you are worried about something that you’ve seen online.

Your phone can also be a reminder of how much you’ve got to do, and you might be tempted to start checking work emails and to-do lists before you finish. Try to leave your phone in another room until after breakfast to avoid temptation

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6. Read a Book or Listen to the Radio

Instead of doom scrolling through social media feeds, spend your time doing something that you enjoy and find relaxing like listening to the radio or a podcast or reading a book. This can help you to associate coffee with relaxation and pleasure instead of stress. 

7. Use Your Senses

The best way to improve your morning coffee is to experience it with all of your senses, and this can start even before you sit down to drink it. Smell the beans before you add them to the machine, enjoy the sounds that it makes as it brews, and notice how the aroma changes.

Focus on the process, instead of rushing off to do other things while you wait. Then, once it’s ready, think about how it tastes, smells, and feels, and even the sounds of the machine and how it looks in your cup. Drink coffee mindfully, treating all your senses instead of just your taste buds. 

8. Create a Nook

If you’ve got an empty corner in your home, turning it into a reading nook where you can enjoy your coffee comfortably and quietly is a great idea. All you need is a comfy seat, soft lighting a small table and some books. 


Improving your morning coffee, by savoring it instead of rushing it and taking your time to make sure it’s just right can be a great way to improve your morning and get your day off to a great start. The key to a fantastic coffee is often time, so try getting up a little early so that you don’t have to rush.

Have a great day after enjoying your coffee in the best way using these tips!

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