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7 artistic gifts your traveler friends would love!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Design Bundles! It is a company that started in the year 2016. Design Bundles provides high quality design resources for using in your art projects at an affordable cost. Their digital products include graphics, templates, mock ups, patterns, illustrations and craft files.

Travel Gifts that are always useful

Want to surprise your travel buddies with gifts that they would definitely enjoy and remember you by? Check out the cool artistic ideas below and pick your choices.

These are all ideas to gift something useful as well as memorable to them. After all, who wants to burn money on something that would only be seen as a showpiece somewhere on a desk or a shelf? So, here we go!

1. Travel scrapbook

An old friend of mine used to love spotting wild animals on our trips to national parks and enjoyed taking pictures of them in their natural habitats. She was simply enamored by them.

In a recent reunion I gifted her a custom-designed travel scrapbook. It had some of our favorite memories from the trips we were together in. If your friends love animals too, check out designs like horse svg and create a lovely scrapbook for them. It is always a hit!

2. Picture collage

Make beautiful memories with a collage of your most significant travel moments. Your first trip together, your first flight, your favorite hangout out of the country, the possibilities are endless.

While you are at it, use some art on the frame itself to make ‘the collage from heaven’. It would be the most memorable gift to remember you by. Memorable memory, how cute is that 😉

3. Custom T-shirt

Everyone packs their cute clothes for a trip. Get them a sweet T-shirt designed with love and it would definitely go in their pack. Design Bundles has great art for T-shirts too.

Make sure to add a few words that would get them to always think of you. Maybe use some inside joke you both have to make the gift even more memorable. I have a T-shirt, gifted by a friend, that says “Adventure is worthwhile!”

4. Personalized postcard

Make a bundle of customized postcards for your friend using the amazing travel art available on Design Bundles. There is even a nightmare before christmas svg available in their packages.

These postcards would help them be in touch with you and other friends and family where ever they travel to. Talk about staying in touch in style! These also make great keepsakes for the recipients, don’t you think?

5. Travel mug

Design a beautiful travel mug with the art available on Design Bundles. Memories accessible on the go, right? How neat is that!

Your friend does not drink coffee or other beverages? No worries. Who doesn’t travel with their water bottle? You can also use the same idea to gift a customized reusable water bottle too.

All very handy and super useful. As a bonus we save the planet by avoiding plastic bottles too. Win-win for all.

6. Wallpaper

This is a gift for when your friend is at home. Surround your friend with your love for them and their love for travel. Design a magnificent wallpaper with some cool travel graphics.

Use the colors that you know they like. This would be appreciated as a very thoughtful gift as they cover the walls in their room with it.

7. Travel Wallet

Gift a lovely travel wallet, with your choice of art on it, to your friend. They would feel like you are with them wherever they travel too. Imagine them thinking of you when they get out those travel docs, passport at the airport. Cool, huh?!

I bet it is difficult to choose just one of these cool ideas. Go on, envelope your buddies with your useful presents. Have fun and Bon Voyage!

Artistic gifts for your traveler friends.
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