Nails reflect health issues.
Nails reflect health issues. Picture Credit: Pixabay

5 Things Your Nails Say About Your Health

Did you know that your nails mirror your health?

Nails and Health

Nails not only form a protection layer over tissue, but do reflect your health status according to doctors. Below are the top 5 health issues indicated by your nails.

1. Brittle Nails

If your nails are brittle, dry and break easily, it could mean you are suffering from Hypothyroidism. But this is a common issue, and could be related to other problems like your nails getting over exposed to chemicals from nail polish, swimming, harsh detergents and such items.

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If you suspect that your thyroid is under-functioning, check for other symptoms like unusual weight gain, hair loss etc. Consult a doctor when in doubt.

Avoid too much exposure to harsh chemicals. Also, generously slather your nails too with skin moisturizer, this will prevent further drying of the nails.

2. White spots

Sometimes we observe white spots or lines on our nails. It is a well-spread myth that the spots indicate calcium deficiency.

They usually are remnants of previous trauma to the nail. Like you might have dropped some heavy object on the nail, or hit some place and got hurt…remember hen you slammed the car door?

The spots will go away on their own as the nail grows. It takes about 6 months for a new nail to be formed from cuticle to the tip for adults. For children, it is usually just 3 months.

3. Extremely pale

If the nails are extremely pale, it could mean that you are suffering from anemia because of iron deficiency.

Taking iron rich foods like beans, dark green leafy vegetables, and iron supplements is recommended.

In rare cases, the nails could become concave and are called spoon nails. It is recommended to consult a doctor to be on the safer side.

4. Vertical lines

High pressure in your daily life and stress can show their effect even in your nails. Vertical lines that run side by side through out the nail shows that you are highly stressed.

Take a step back and relax. After all, the earth keeps going round even if we stop working for a few days. Go on a vacation if possible. Sometimes, these lines may indicate kidney trouble too.

Consult with a doctor if the problem persists.

5. Thin red or reddish brown lines

See thin red lines under the nails? They look like splinters, but are actually lines of blood under the nails. It could be an early indicator of heart diseases according to cardiologists.

This could mean that there is a valve infection in the heart. In rare cases, the nails may be tinged blue too. This also indicates cardiovascular problems.

Consulting a doctor is a must in these cases.

Now you know that those keratin layers are not just for beauty, or to scratch that itch. Check your nails regularly, (need not be as often as you check your emails ;)), and if you notice anything different, take action.

Consuming foods rich in Vitamin A, Biotin and Vitamin C helps with the growth of healthy nails. In any case, if you feel something is not normal, it is best to consult with a doctor immediately.


*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this article is not intended to replace advice from a qualified medical professional. This is just to highlight that nails can show our health issues too.


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  1. This is great information. Funny enough, I was always told that white spots on the nails means lack of calcium. I believed it lol. I Am now charged to care for my nails a d health better. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This is very helpful, I didn’t know any of this information. I have heard the myth about the white spots and calcium though. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Very informational! I thankfully have always had pretty nice and strong nails and haven’t experienced any of the above but now I’ll know what to look out for in case I do and know what the cause might be!

  4. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing these reasons for how nail appearance may depict health. I have had vertical lines in my nails since I was young, but I don’t feel stressed. =) Do you know of any other things that may contribute to nail lines? Have a lovely day!

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