Tips for first-time campers

5 must-know tips for first-time campers

Camping in the midst of beautiful nature is a heavenly experience that is a must-do for every traveler. Don’t worry if you are new to the camping scene. We have you covered with the basics with these cool tips.

*This is a guest post by Ethan White who is an enthusiastic traveler.*

5 essential tips for first-time campers

Camping is an amazing adventure that lets you embrace the wilderness and also spend some quality time with friends or family. If you’re on a budget, camping is a great way to save your pennies as you won’t have to pay for pricey accommodation in whichever country you decide to visit.

Also, camping is quickly becoming a popular holiday idea, as more than 15 million people in the UK chose to ditch 5-star hotels and pitch up their tents instead.

However, if you’ve never been camping before, it can be a daunting prospect and you probably don’t know what to expect. Here are five top tips on how to make the most of your first camping trip:

1. Test out your gear beforehand

It is no secret that you need a lot of equipment if you’re going camping, especially if you are planning to cook your own food over a barbecue or an open fire.

While it is tempting to keep all of your newly purchased items in its original and un-tampered packaging, this could be a costly mistake. It is important to get used to your camping equipment to make sure it’s in working order; the last thing you want is to get to your campsite and realize that something is broken.

You should also take this time to put up your own tent as this can be tricky and take a long time if you are not used to setting them up. During the practice run, make sure your tent is big enough; it might claim to be a four-person tent but it’s likely to hold less people than that unless you want a cramped night’s sleep.

2. Plan ahead

Preparation is key when it comes to a successful camping trip and nothing is more frustrating than forgetting an essential piece of kit or equipment; start writing lists well in advance to the trip in order to avoid this.

If you plan ahead, you could also save a lot of money – camping gear is much cheaper if you buy them out of season, so start stocking up during the winter months.

Meal prep is also essential on the camping trip and you need to find a balance of nutritious meals and fun sweet treats for everyone to enjoy. Buy more food than you think you need and stock up on easy to eat food like granola bars.

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3. Bring clothes for all weathers

Sunny skies and soaring temperatures might be predicted for your camping adventure, but don’t simply rely on the weather forecast. Prepare for all weather conditions, as the last thing you want is to be soggy and miserable in your shorts and sandals – waterproof shoes and a raincoat are handy to have.

A great tip is to bring more socks than you expect to use; you can layer them up during the cold nights and will always have a spare pair if your feet get wet.

4. Choose your campsite carefully

There’s a common misconception that you can pitch up a tent and camp anywhere you want, but this isn’t the case for many countries. Wild camping is banned in many parts of the UK, for example, with restrictions in many other countries too.

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Australia has much more lenient rules regarding where you can camp, but even then there are limitations to the length of time you can stay. A better alternative is to choose a campsite that can cater to your needs; most come with shower and toilet facilities and even a play area for the children.

5. Don’t bring the electrical devices

There is no denying that technology is useful and can make your holiday experience so much easier; for instance, almost 9 out of 10 people in India now book their entire trip through their smartphones.

However, when you are camping, it might be a good idea to leave the electrical devices at home; electric hook-ups are expensive and will run the price of your holiday right up.

A digital detox might also be a good idea for your mental health (1 in 5 people surveyed said that technology is a significant source of stress in their lives), so some time away can be beneficial for you and your camp-mates.

Have fun camping!

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Top essential tips for new campers
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  1. There was one time i went camping in Yosemite in California and we didnt arrive at the campsite until night time and had to build a tent in the dark. Bad preparation on our side haha.

  2. Oh my god, I love these tips. Who would think that such common sensical type things would need to be said, but I’ve seriously seen it all. Thank you for sharing!

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