Family friendly trip destinations
Family friendly trip destinations

5 beautiful family friendly destinations to discover with your loved ones

Traveling with the family is an incredible way to bond, explore the world, and create many lasting memories as you see all the sights and sounds the planet has to offer. What could be better?

Are you stuck for a family friendly destination this year? Have no fear! Here are some of the five best places to discover with your loved ones.

Family friendly trip destinations

1. Italy

Family friendly trip destinations

Okay, so Italy is no secret when it comes to finding the perfect family vacation. However, the island of Sardinia is one of the hidden gems of the country and is located just off the coast of Italy.

Sardinia is known as a hotspot for the rich and famous looking to get away. Why? Most of the island is so quiet! There are miles and miles of rolling hills that give you the perfect view over the incredible Tyrrhenian Sea.

That leaves plenty of time for beach hoping as you enjoy plenty of fun in the sun. As with traveling anywhere, make sure you keep your travel insurance ready.

2. Australia

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Australia teams glorious sunshine with friendly locals and plenty of exotic sights and sounds. There is everything on offer to suit all the family’s needs from city stops to coastal breaks and everything in between.

To make it even better, there are several free things to do in Sydney including Luna Park and the Royal national park. No longer does a family vacation have to break the bank. Now it’s just time to get exploring this magical country.

3. Jamaica

Family friendly trip destinations

As if the white sand beaches aren’t enough of a draw already, this country also has plenty of resorts that offer up kids’ clubs if you’re looking for a simple way to keep the little ones entertained. Traveling to Jamaica is like having your own slice of paradise.

To make things even more enticing, the island is brilliant for windsurfing and snorkeling if you have little fish that love to get in the water, in addition to a chance to go dolphin spotting.

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4. Wyoming

Family friendly trip destinations
It is hard to choose just one place in Wyoming that makes the perfect family vacation thanks to the mountainous backdrop and variety of wildlife on offer. As well as being able to go animal spotting, families can take advantage of the camping ranges on offer in many of the national parks as well as spend time with nature.

Plus, if you want to go camping, there are many great items and ideas that will help make the whole experience perfect. From toy tubs to solar s’mores – you can have it all!

5. Turkey

Family friendly trip destinations

This country is a hugely popular choice for many families for a whole bunch of reasons. Their resorts are widely catered to making your vacation as fun and memorable as possible thanks to the kids’ clubs, activities, and excursions all on offer.

The Aqua Fantasy Hotel and Spa is just one of the many resorts on offer that has an entire waterpark built right into the hotel. What could be better than having all that entertainment on your doorstep? Plus, the spa offers up time to relax for the adults while the little ones enjoy some fun in the sun.

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Have you packed up yet?

There are so many brilliant places to see and explore in the world, how do you know how to choose just one? These are just some of my top five, but maybe you have some other great vacation ideas of your own? Be sure to let me know if the comments below!

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*This is a guest post by Andrea Hansen, a frequent traveler!

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  1. Great pics! I went to Turkey several years ago, with my aunt and cousin and my immediate family. It was really a fun place. I also got to go hot air ballooning there for the first time at dawn. I also got to see many fantastic structures and ruins. It was an amazing experience. I would love to visit Wyoming someday. I love the pic you have of Wyoming’s mountainous backdrop. I also love animals, so animal spotting (and photographing them) would be an amazing experience for me.

  2. WOW! I love all of your destination picks – especially Italy, I’ve always wanted to travel there and you’ve given me the perfect excuse to do so. I’ve also got a yen to travel to The Catalina Islands after seeing beautiful pictures on a TV show. But really, love your other selections of Wyoming, Jamaica, and Sidney – I want to travel them all. Great post and beautiful pics!!

  3. Wow this lust looks totally new to me and really interesting. I will definetly research more and plan next holidays.thanks for sharing

  4. Great list _ I would never have considered Turkey to be in the top five but can see why now. We are Australian and agree this country is fabulous for families.

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